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VPS Hosting Frequently Asked Questions

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What is VPS?

Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting is an upgrade from Web Hosting that allows you to have greater control and flexibility of your Web applications. Like having your own dedicated server, VPS allows you to install applications and gain direct "root" access to the underlying operating system, but at a fraction of the price of dedicated hosting.

How does VPS Hosting work?

VPS hosting uses virtualization software to partition physical servers, into multiple "virtual" servers, with each having the ability to run its own operating system.

Applications can be rebooted independently without affecting another VPS on the same server. VPS users have root access, which provides them with power over their Web hosting solutions to install and run virtually any application on their server.

Is VPS right for me?

Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting is the choice for advanced Web developers who require root access to the server and want to fully customize their server configuration. VPS hosting offers larger amounts of monthly data transfer compared to Web Hosting, giving users the ability to run multiple high traffic websites on a single server. Because VPS customers do not share software, it offers the same reliability and security as dedicated Web hosting at less cost.

Note: VPS Hosting is an advanced product offering and is for people who have a high degree of comfort with technology, such as Web developers or system administrators. If you do not feel comfortable with performing server administration tasks or manually configuring software, our easy-to-use Web Hosting plans may be best suited to your needs.

What does Standard VPS Support Service Include?

Network Solutions® provides 24/7 expert assistance to help you manage your VPS Hosting package. Standard VPS Support covers the systems and infrastructure that are outside your control as a customer, and are managed exclusively by our support and operations staff. In addition, we provide support for Parallels® Virtuozzo Containers and Parallels® Plesk Panel interfaces.

Your VPS Hosting package includes assistance with infrastructure items such as:

  • Hardware issues
  • Network issues

Standard Support includes assistance with server related items such as:

  • Creating a client account
  • Creating a domain
  • Installing applications from the application vault
  • Customizing the Parallels® Plesk Panel desktop
  • Installing Network Solutions® SSL Certificates
  • Password change issues
  • Setting IP Address to "shared" or "exclusive"

What does VPS Signature Support Service Include?

VPS Signature Support Services are available on a need basis for complex technical functions associated with site administration and site development. Signature services are available at a rate of $59.99 per 30 minute increments. Signature services are available for, but not limited to, requests such as the following:

  • Your server becomes unavailable and it is not due to hardware or network services exclusively under our control.
  • You request assistance with an application that may have been configured incorrectly.
  • Items in the Parallels® Plesk Panel interface not listed in Standard Support (such as email configuration)
  • Items in the Parallels® Virtuozzo Container interface not listed in Standard Support (such as server reboots)
  • Installation, administration, configuration and maintenance of:
    • Databases
    • Third party software
    • Operating system upgrades, patches and modifications
    • Software version changes
    • Site migrations
    • Backups
  • Software development or troubleshooting:
    • Custom scripting
    • Script troubleshooting/review/modification
    • SSH Commands
    • Unix Commands
    • CL Programming or scripting

Will I be charged if exceed my monthly data transfer amount?

Yes, an overage charge of $59.99 for 25GB of additional data transfer will be automatically billed to your VPS Hosting account each month that your VPS data transfer amount exceeds your plan allowance.

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