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Domain Name Expiration Date
  January 31, 2023
  January 31, 2023
  January 31, 2023
  January 31, 2023
  January 31, 2023

What is an expired domain name?
A domain expires when the owner does not pay the renewal fee. When a domain registration expires, it becomes available for a new registration.

How do I get an expired domain name?
The best opportunity to get an expired domain name is to place a back order on it.

  • Search the list of expired domain names and find the one(s) you are interested in.
  • Back order an expiring domain through our exclusive partner NameJet®.
  • Receive notification when it is available to you. Or if someone else is also interested in it, you have the option of participating in an auction for it.

Can I register a domain as soon as it reaches the expiration date?
There is a common misconception that domains expire on their expiration date. If a domain registration is not renewed by its expiration date, the domain simply goes into "expired" status, which means all services are shut off. Typically, we provide a 35-day grace period during which the current holder can still renew it for the standard renewal fee. For more information please review our domain deletion policy.

When can I back order a domain name?
You can place a back order on a domain name after the expiration date has passed.

Can more than one person backorder a domain?
Yes, more than one person can request a backorder of the same domain. When this occurs the domain goes up for auction and is awarded to the highest bidder.


Backorder a domain name.
  1. Search our list for an expired domain name
  2. Bid on the expired domain
  3. If the current holder does not review the name it can be yours!

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