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Domain Privacy + Protection

Secure your identity and your website.

  • Hide your info and detect security threats daily
  • Keep your site off blacklists with blacklist monitoring
  • Get real-time SMS alerts about critical domain changes

$11.99/year per domain name

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How does Domain Privacy + Protection work?

Without Domain Privacy + Protection
Steve Walker

[email protected]
2801 NE 50th Street
Oklahoma City, OK 7311-7205
Phone: +1-555-985-4480
Your information is exposed  

With Domain Privacy + Protection
Perfect Privacy, LLC.

[email protected]
5335 Gate Parkway
Jacksonville, FL 32256
Phone: +1-570-708-8780
Your information is protected  

Protect your identity with Domain Privacy + Protection

Your identity is priceless. Make a small investment to protect it. When you add Domain Privacy + Protection to your domain names, it masks your personal information from being shown on the public WHOIS database. We replace your information with an alternate contact to ensure your personal information remains protected.


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Complete Control
Unlike other proxy services, we offer Domain Privacy + Protection that gives you full control as the registrant of record for your private domain name.

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Privacy you can trust
When you register a domain, your information gets listed in the public WHOIS database. With Domain Privacy + Protection, we replace your information with an alternate contact to ensure your personal information remains protected.

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Stop spammers for good
By removing your name, address, email, and phone number from public listings, we prevent spammers and telemarketers from contacting you and your customers.

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Stay on top of your domain's
security with new SMS alerts

Immediately receive mobile alerts when changes are made to your domain name registration. These changes include:

  • Domain privacy
  • Transfer lock status
  • Advanced DNS records
  • Domain contact information

SMS alerts are easy to set up and customizable to your specific needs. Rest assured, you'll be notified about any potential security threats to your domain, enabling faster protection.

Strengthen your website security proactively

Prevention is key. With our security solutions, you can mitigate cyber threats by identifying malicious code before it causes damage. We also monitor your website for blacklisting, preventing the disruption of quality traffic to safeguard your hard-earned reputation.

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Blacklist monitoring

Identify problems:  We’ll identify any problems, then provide steps to remove your website from blacklists before your SEO and traffic are impacted.​

Increased traffic and SEO: Websites safe from blacklists continue to appear in search engine results pages (SERPs), improving your SEO and traffic.​

Improved reputation: Websites protected from blacklists have better reputations, leading to more visitor trust and increased business.

Malware scanning

Daily scans: Our daily scans monitor your website for any suspicious activity, immediately alerting you to any detected malware.​

Build customer trust: Gain credibility and enjoy an additional layer of security that helps you safeguard your website and visitors.

Early detection: Counter security threats with early malware detection so you can act quickly to protect your site, visitors, and search engine ranking.

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Domain Privacy + Protection is a comprehensive service that helps protect your identity, domain name and website against security threats such as identity theft, malware, blacklisting, and unauthorized access. It includes:

  • Domain Privacy: Domain Privacy, also known as WHOIS privacy, domain private registration, or private registration, protects your personal information by masking it from the public WHOIS database. This means that your name, address, phone number, and email address will not be publicly visible. By preventing your information from being exposed and sold on lists, you can reduce the risk of spam, identity theft, and unwanted solicitations.
  • Daily Malware Scanning: Our advanced security scan regularly checks your website for malware, viruses, and other malicious code. If any threat is detected, you will be promptly alerted so that you can take immediate action to remove it.
  • Blacklist Monitoring: This service monitors your website's IP address for blacklisting on any search engine or security blacklist. If your IP address is blacklisted, it means that it has been associated with malicious activity. You will be notified if your IP address is blacklisted so that you can take action to remove it.
  • SMS Domain Alerts: With real-time SMS notifications about critical domain events, you stay informed about any suspicious activities, unauthorized domain changes, or potential security threats.

The WHOIS database, governed by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), is a public record of domain name registrations. It is used to verify domain ownership and contact details by publicly exposing the domain owner's contact information, registration and expiration dates, name servers, and registrar information. While this can be convenient for verifying a site's legitimacy or contacting a business owner, it can also expose your personal information to spammers, telemarketers, and identify thieves.

By enabling domain privacy, you can protect your information from being harvested by spammers, phishers, and other online predators. There are several benefits to using Domain Privacy, including:

  • Prevents spam and phishing: Domain privacy keeps your information hidden and secure, so it doesn’t fall into the hands of malicious actors, identity thieves or fraudsters.
  • Brand protection: Domain Privacy can help protect your brand by preventing someone from registering a domain name that is like yours and copying your personal information in the WHOIS database.
  • Security: Domain Privacy can help protect your domain name from being hijacked by cybercriminals.

SMS Domain Alerts sends you text messages when there are critical changes to your domain name registration. You can be confident that you will be alerted to any potential threats to your domain, so that you can take action quickly to protect it.

  • Early warning: Reduce risk by detecting unauthorized changes to your domain name registration early on. This can give you a head start in taking action to protect your domain, such as changing your password(s), adding two-factor authentication, or reporting the incident to the authorities.

  • Convenience: SMS Alerts are a convenient way to be notified about changes to your domain name registration. You can receive text messages on your mobile phone, so you will always be up-to-date.

SMS alerts are triggered when changes are detected in your domain name registration. You can customize the alerts by type, so you only receive the notifications that are most relevant to you. Detected change events include:

  • Domain privacy
  • Transfer lock status
  • Advanced DNS records
  • Domain contact information

Daily malware scanning and blacklist monitoring are essential security measures that can help you protect your website from harm. Get peace of mind with these benefits:

  • Prevention: By detecting and removing malware before it can cause damage, you can prevent security breaches and data loss.
  • Improved SEO: Being blacklisted can hurt your website's search engine ranking. Blacklist Monitoring can help you keep your website off of blacklists, which can improve your SEO.
  • Website credibility: A secure website is a credible website. By using daily malware scanning and blacklist monitoring, you can improve your website's credibility, maintain customer trust, and attract more visitors.

To enable Domain Privacy + Protection, simply choose the option during the domain registration process or log in to your account manager to add the service to your existing domain(s). If you’d prefer assistance, please contact us to help you with this process.

Domain Privacy + Protection is available for most top-level domains (gTLDs). However, some country-code extensions (ccTLDs) or regulated extensions are not supported, including: .AC, .AM, .ASIA, .AT, .BAYERN, .BE, .BERLIN, .BR.COM, .BZ, .CA, .CH, .CO.NZ, .CX, .DE, .ES, .EU, .FM, .GS, .HAMBURG, .IM, .IO, .JP, .LA, .LI, .MS, .NAME, .NET.NZ, .NL, .NYC, .ORG.NZ, .ORGANIC, .PRO, .RU.COM, .RUHR, .SA.COM, .SE.NET, .SH, .SYDNEY, .TW, .UK.COM, .UK.NET, .US, .VOTE, and .VOTO. For a list of supported TLDs, visit our help center .