You do more. Your business email should too.

Professional Email Plus Business Email:
Enterprise-Level Solutions at Small Business Prices

Starting at $4.99* per mailbox.
Renews for just $7.66* per mailbox.

30GB of email storage

Open business suite

Guard encryption

Mobile, collaborative and complete

Promotion Details

The prices displayed on the page represent the monthly portion of a 1 year term, when multiple email boxes are purchased and volume discounts are applied. The Professional Email Plus introductory pricing offer provides customers with a discounted rate for the first billing cycle, currently 4 weeks. Customers who select a monthly term pay a promotional price of $4.99 per mailbox. Customers who select the annual term pay a promotional price of $59.90 per mailbox. After the first billing cycle, standard renewal rates will apply. For reference, the current renewal price for one Professional Email Plus mailbox is $7.66 with a monthly term or $91.88 with an annual term. This offer is valid for an initial (new) purchase of Professional Email Plus only. This offer may be combined with term discounts and volume discounts which apply to Professional Email Plus. To cancel, contact us within the time designated to avoid renewal. These prices are subject to change at the sole discretion of Network Solutions. These services auto-renew and will renew at then current rate. Customer may cancel auto-renew at any time by contacting Network Solutions at 844-282-6386. For additional details see Service Agreement.


Your Brand, Your Team

Business email using your custom domain reinforces your brand and presents a more professional image. Professional Email Plus business email personalizes your team, for as many as 10 email aliases per mailbox.

Anywhere, Anytime

Created with mobility in mind, a Professional Email Plus Account syncs for remote work and can be accessed on any device with a WIFI connection, including the entire Online business suite of productivity tools.

Secure Solutions

Professional Email Plus Accounts include spam and virus protection, as well as Guard Encryption, confidently securing your email communications against data breach and cyber-attack.

Space & Storage

With 50GB of Drive File storage, you'll have plenty of room to keep all of your files in one place, plus 30GB of email storage for attachments. And, if you need more, you can add email storage anytime


Productive, engaged teams rely on business email that goes well beyond sending and receiving messages. Professional Email Plus connects collaborators so they can share and update documents and schedule time on one another's calendars.

Customer Support

We're here to support you. Our Award-winning support is just a phone call away and we also have online user guides and tutorials to help you find the answers you need.


The best place for any business to start is with a professional email account on their custom domain. This is an important detail that signals your brand is professional, credible, and trustworthy. Chances are, you've already taken that step and like a lot of busy professionals and decision-makers, you may not realize that you've outgrown your basic email account.

Professional Email Plus is a better fit for companies that require multiple email aliases to direct traffic to various channels. Example: [email protected] Messages received at an alias are delivered to a primary email address, so you only have to manage one account. If your team needs a larger storage capacity for files and attachments, email aliases, and mobile email sync for working remotely, Professional Email Plus is the option you've grown into.

Professional Email Plus also includes Guard Encryption, ideal for businesses who require private communications. Guard Encryption ensures that only the intended recipients can access your email content.

Because Professional Email Plus includes Document Management, you'll have the capability to store documents in one central location and collaborate with multiple contributors on your team. You can also embed links to your stored documents, reducing the amount of large email attachments eating up space. Mobile sync, direct messaging, and threaded email conversations all work together to increase your team's workflow connectivity.

ActiveSync provides seamless access to your email, calendar and contacts collaboration tools. The Professional Email Plus suite of features offers you peace of mind—the "office" is in the palm of your hand. By integrating your web-based email services with your Professional Email Plus account, you can simplify communication with access to RSS feeds, emails, and direct messages all in one central location.

Email alias accounts are not the same thing as different email mailboxes. Your primary email address is where you'll send and receive email and that requires a box with a monthly or annual subscription. Anyone on your team who needs to send and receive email will need an individual mailbox. Professional Email Plus accounts include up to 10 aliases, per mailbox.

Alias addresses are inbound only––meaning you can receive to it but cannot send from it. By setting up rules and filters in your email client program, you can direct messages sent to an alias to specific folders. This allows you to organize email messages as they're received, separating sales leads, billing inquiries or admin issues from other important business. Aliases can be used to capture messages sent to common misspellings as well as differentiate between your primary name and more personal nickname or moniker.

Professional Email Plus was designed with productivity in mind. We know our customers want tools that multitask, just like they do. Professional Email Plus includes built-in productivity features such as:

  • Document Management, with a central storage location so you can collaborate with your team without the added steps required to send files back and forth
  • Automatic Backups, for hassle-free server updates
  • Team Connections, so you can view one another's calendars, coordinate meetings, update documents, and view threaded conversations.

By customizing your web portal, we'll automatically highlight the day's tasks, appointments, social feeds, news and more for you. And, mobile access allows you to check email, files and your calendar on your smartphone or tablet.

You'll be crossing more off your list in no time.

Regular email is secure enough for everyday — but sometimes you need the added security of email encryption. Cyber-attacks and data breaches are on the rise. Sending confidential business details, files or even highly personal information needs to be treated with tighter security than everyday email. For those times, you need secure email with Guard Encryption.

Secure Mail with Guard Encryption is for when you need confidence that only your intended recipient receives your confidential communication. Ensure your messages and files are only opened and read by your designated recipient.

NS's Guard Encryption uses PGP technology, one of the world's most secure encryption methods for email traffic. Guard is fully PGP compliant but implements it in such a way that it's fast and simple. Guard is tamperproof and lets users "sign" an email, and if an email is altered in any way en route, the recipient is warned.

Just click the security "Padlock" in the composition screen and your message and attachments are encrypted. We've kept it simple, no tech degree required!