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More about POP and IMAP

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What is POP?

POP stands for Post Office Protocol and is an Internet Mail process that transfers your email messages from Network Solutions® servers to your computer. POP3 is the latest version of POP. It allows you to receive you messages through your favorite email software client (e.g., Microsoft® Outlook, Outlook® Express, Eudora®, etc).


**Note: If you are using Windows 8, you can not use the default mail client as it does not support a POP connection. You will need to use Outlook or another POP client in this case.**


POP also allows you to:

  • Use an e-mail software package installed on your computer and keep local copies of your e-mail messages on your hard drive

  • Connect faster than the Web Mail option

  • Compose and review e-mail messages while not connected to the Internet

  • Send e-mail messages in rich text, using features like bold and underline

  • Consolidate messages from multiple mailboxes into a single interface (e.g., you can read e-mail messages from multiple mailboxes in one client such as Outlook Express).

  • Leave your e-mail messages on the Network Solutions server so you can access your e-mail messages while traveling. However, if you choose to use this feature by enabling the setting, you will need to closely monitor your storage and delete e-mail messages you no longer need or purchase additional storage.


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