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Secure your website with an SSL Certificate

Encrypt sensitive data and show visitors your website is safe to use.

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Our SSL Certificates offer top-tier security for businesses of all sizes, fostering trust online and earning favor with Google's ranking algorithms.

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SSL plan pricing reflects a 2-year billing term. Standard pricing is available in the cart. All plans and products will automatically renew at the then current rate to the payment method on file unless canceled. You can cancel any time by calling 1-877-307-1435.

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The benefits of an SSL Certificate

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Trust & Sales

Eliminate "Not Secure" browser warnings, instill confidence in visitor data safety, fostering trust and driving conversions.

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SEO Ranking

Search engines prioritize secure websites. An SSL Certificate is a simple way to improve your search ranking organically. 

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Avoid Fines & Breaches: An SSL Certificate ensures compliance with data privacy laws protecting your business and customers.

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Better For 

Enhances browsing safety, particularly on WiFi and public networks, by encrypting data transmission.

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Our certificates offer the strongest available encryption (384-bit) to safeguard sensitive information and transactions. 

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We're here to help you every step of the way. Our team will answer your questions and guide you through the SSL setup process.

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Frequently asked questions

An SSL Certificate, also sometimes known as an https certificate or website security certificate, is a digital security certificate that encrypts communication between your website and visitors. This encryption protects sensitive information like passwords and credit card numbers, preventing hackers from intercepting it. Having an SSL Certificate is crucial for building trust with your visitors, improving search engine ranking, and complying with data security regulations.

Different SSL Certificate types cater to varying levels of verification and trust:

  1. Domain Validation (DV) SSL:
    The basic option, validating only domain ownership, offering affordability and simplicity.

  2. Organization Validation (OV) SSL: 
    Verifies domain ownership and organization legitimacy, providing heightened trust and credibility.

  3. Extended Validation (EV) SSL: 
    Maximizes trust with the most rigorous verification process. EV SSLs validate legal and physical legitimacy, meeting stringent compliance standards for ultimate assurance.

When selecting an SSL Certificate (sometimes known as an https certificate or website security certificate), assess your security needs, data sensitivity, and budget. For blogs, personal websites, and non-sensitive sites, a Domain Validated (DV) certificate may suffice. E-commerce platforms and sensitive data sites benefit from an Organization Validated (OV) certificate for enhanced trust. Businesses handling highly sensitive data, such as financial or healthcare information, should consider an Extended Validation (EV) certificate for the highest level of trust.

You can install your new SSL Certificate through your hosting control panel by following our step-by-step guide in the help center or contact customer support for assistance.

An expired SSL Certificate exposes your website to security risks. Without valid encryption, data transmissions between your site and visitors become vulnerable. This makes it easy for hackers to steal sensitive information like passwords and credit card details. To maintain a secure and trustworthy website, be sure to renew your SSL Certificate before it expires.

When you visit a website, your browser establishes a connection to exchange information. An SSL Certificate encrypts this connection, ensuring that sensitive data like passwords, credit card numbers, and personal information remain safe from interception. Without an SSL Certificate, this information travels in plain text, making it vulnerable to hackers. You can often tell a site has been securely certified when you see “https.” This is also why SSL Certificates are sometimes called https certificates or website security certificates, because they secure your site for visitors.

Modern browsers prioritize user safety, actively discouraging visits to unsecured websites. The "non-secure website" warning acts as a visual alert, informing users that their data is not secure. This warning can deter visitors and negatively impact your website's reputation. 

Non-secure sites pose dangers to site owners and customers alike. However, this issue is simple to fix by installing an SSL Certificate. 

No. A Wildcard SSL Certificate is a cost-effective option that secures all subdomains under your main domain name with a single certificate. This saves you time and money compared to managing individual certificates for each subdomain. It also ensures consistent and uniform security across your entire website.

An SSL Certificate can positively impact your website's SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in several ways:

  • Security Signals:
Google considers HTTPS encryption as a positive ranking signal. Websites using SSL Certificates are perceived as more secure, which contributes to better SEO performance.
  • Improved User Experience:
An SSL Certificate ensures a secure connection, which shows users your site is trustworthy. This can lead to increased user engagement and lower bounce rates, both positive SEO signals.
  • Mobile Compatibility:
With the increasing emphasis on mobile-first indexing, having an SSL Certificate is crucial. Google prioritizes mobile-friendly websites, and SSL Certificates contribute to a positive mobile user experience, thereby enhancing SEO.
  • Faster Loading Speeds:
Many SSL Certificates allow you to use the HTTP/2 protocol, which can improve website loading speed. Faster loading times are a known ranking factor for search engines.

As Google continues to prioritize security and user privacy, having an SSL Certificate aligns with long-term SEO strategies. Websites without SSL may face disadvantages as search engine algorithms evolve.

Yes! If you're looking to purchase an SSL Certificate, you've come to the right place. At Network Solutions, we offer a range of SSL Certificates at different price points. Easily compare options with our chart or interactive tool to find the perfect SSL for your business. You may have heard you should buy an https certificate, but you're actually purchasing an SSL Certificate. All SSL Certificates from Network Solutions enable HTTPS, which search engines prioritize, helping boost your website’s ranking.