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MyTime Support™
Dedicated support for your online services

MyTime Support™ is dedicated time set aside for you - whether you want a detailed explanation, a remote walk-through or even someone to complete the task for you. Set up one-on-one appointments with our expert consultants. Choose the subscription plan that's right for you or if you need extra assistance this one time we can help with a one-time fix as well.

Here are just a few of the services we can help you with:

  • Setup & Install
  • Marketing & Design
    • Updating your website (forms, hyperlinks, images, text and more!)
    • Adding Google® Analytics to your website
    • Creating a custom Facebook® page
  • Special Tasks
    • Uploading files to your hosting package
    • Troubleshooting code on your website
    • Internet Explorer® 9 compatibility update

More MyTime Support™ Services

To request an appointment time, call 1-877-353-9732

Is MyTime Support™ right for me?

Whether you've just chosen a new Web hosting package or created an ecommerce website, you'll likely have questions as you set up and manage your products. And we'll always be happy to answer them. But if you feel that you'll need additional guidance to put your mind at ease, we have the answer for that too: MyTime Support™.

We created MyTime Support in response to a growing demand for additional assistance that goes beyond the typical customer service call. It gives you dedicated time with an expert customer service representative who can not only answer your questions but also remotely walk you through tasks and, in some cases, complete them for you. It's a unique service in our industry and one we are excited to offer to our customers. MyTime Support is also elective, so anyone using our Hosting, Website, Ecommerce, Email, Online Marketing, and Mobile products can choose to add it to their Network Solutions account at any time.

If you decide that MyTime Support is right for you, you'll have choices that allow you to further tailor it to fit your needs. First, you may choose to use the service on a one-time or recurring monthly basis. You'll also determine how long your one-on-one will last - 30, 60, and 90-minute increments are available.

We think you'll find that the list of services covered by MyTime Support is thorough and includes some of the most common "calls for help" that we receive from our customers. Image optimization, site set-up and custom scripts for ecommerce websites. Remote walk-throughs of SSL certificate installation or help with 301 redirects for hosting customers. Code troubleshooting and SEO keyword updates for websites. These are just a few of the ways MyTime Support can help you make the most of your Network Solutions products, while giving you the confidence that they're in the right hands.

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