Domain Expiration Protection

Ensure your domain stays active for up to 1 extra year

$9.99/year per domain name

Don't lose your domain

Domain Expiration Protection, or DEP, will keep your domain safe for up to one year until you're ready to renew it - even if we are unable to renew using the credit card on file.


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Secures your domain for up to 1 year if you are unable to renew

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Protects you from losing your domains due to incorrect credit card information, failed billing or failing to auto-renew.

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Using DEP shields you from any fees associated with Reinstating or redeeming your domain after it has expired.


Domain Expiration Protection is a one-time purchase that acts as an insurance policy for your domain. If your domain expires, DEP will activate and automatically renew your domain your domain for an extra year so that you don't need to worry about losing your domain or paying fees to renew it.

You can still reactivate a domain after it expires, but for an additional fee on top of the renewal cost:

  • For 43 days after expiration the domain can be reinstated to your account for $39.99 plus the renewal cost.
  • Days 43 and 73 after expiration, you may still be able to recover the domain during the redemption period. This is only possible if the domain is still available, meaning it hasn't already been purchased in the domain aftermarket. Redeeming the domain requires that Network Solutions purchase it back from the registry, which can cost hundreds of dollars. That is why DEP can save you so much money, because it is a $9.99 one-time insurance policy against these more hefty charges.

Most domains are eligible, but a few are not due to governmental restrictions. Those are: .AC, .AM, .BE, .DE, .FM, .IO, .NL, .SH, .CO.UK, .ME.UK, .ORG.UK, .AT, .CH, .CZ, .ES, .COM.ES, .NOM.ES, .ORG.ES, .JP, .LI, .MX, .COM.MX, .NU, .CO.NZ, .NET.NZ, .ORG.NZ, .PL, .RU, and .SG.