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Expand brand authority with Website Forwarding

Take control of your online presence

$12.99/year per domain name

Drive traffic to your destination of choice

Website forwarding (also known as domain forwarding, pointing, or redirecting) lets you automatically direct your domain’s visitors to a different location on the web. Boost your website’s traffic and protect your brand by registering alternate versions of your primary domain name — including multiple extensions, misspellings and common typos. You can use an existing domain or search for new names to point to your website or social media profile.


Doesn’t require any technical expertise. Just type in the name you want to redirect, and we do the rest.

Improves brand recognition. Use domain forwarding to present a shorter or more memorable domain name.

Optimizes the most valuable keyword location you have — your URL — with the potential to boost online presence and search rank.

Offers an alternative to creating and maintaining multiple websites — or requiring any changes to your current website.

Protects your brand by keeping competitors from invading your space with similar variations of your name, such as or

Multiple domains drive traffic to one website destination. Seamlessly manage a single website while tracking ad response and multiple URLs.


Website Forwarding (also known as domain forwarding, redirecting, or pointing) lets you automatically direct your domain’s visitors to a different location. This feature provides multiple entry points through a variety of domain names to drive traffic to one website.

Website Forwarding forwards all pages within a website to a new URL address with instructions for search engines to index the new URL. While essentially the same, a domain redirect could apply to a single path or page on a website and would not necessarily apply to the entire website.

Use Website Forwarding to point traffic from various other domains to your primary website.

Most commonly, Website Forwarding is used to help online audiences find your primary business website. Additionally, you can boost traffic to your site by registering alternate versions of your primary domain name including additional extensions, misspellings, and common typos.

Other great reasons to use Website Forwarding include:

• Protecting you brand and identity when there has been a change in business name or re-brand

• Defining a primary web address for search ranking position (e.g. when there is a ‘www’ version and a ‘non-www’ version) of a website

• Tracking print or online ad campaign activity

• Redirecting traffic quickly when a page is down or broken

• Directing visitors to your social media page or e-store

You can set up or edit Website Forwarding in Account Manager after completing your purchase. There, you will be able to add or edit where your domain points.

Once Website Forwarding is set up, visitors to your originating domain will be forwarded within 24-48 hours.

Website Forwarding should not impact your SEO value. However, the new domain destination may receive SEO value from the originating domain.

1. In your browser, enter the Source URL into the address bar.

2. The domain address should change to the forwarding destination and destination website contents display

3. If this did not occur, clear the browser’s cache and repeat steps 1 and 2 again