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Merchandising, Offers and Promotions

Online retailers are increasingly looking to differentiate their sites and to find new and compelling ways to engage customers. Network Solutions Ecommerce provides you with the tools and techniques you need to immediately grab your visitors and immerse them in your products.

  • Discount offers and coupon codes — Provide all customers, or selected customer groups, with specific dollar or percentage off on products, categories or total order amounts. Elect to offer free shipping. Calculate discounts from coupons. Automatically time your promotions and have them expire at your discretion.
  • Multiple price levels — Assign different prices to any given product by creating up to five different pricing levels. Tiered pricing levels provide an easy way to setup wholesale pricing for registered customers.
  • Gift certificates — Robust gift certificate management system allows the use of gift certificates for multiple purchases.
  • Featured products — Grab your customer's attention by prominently displaying your best products. Use this popular merchandising tactic to highlight products based on your criteria, e.g., quantity sold, highest rated, etc. Feature selected products on homepage. Display top selling products in left or right navigation.
  • Recommended products — Display related products for cross-selling on the product detail pages.
  • Email a friend — Get more visitors by letting your customers email the product information to their friends.
  • Maintain order history — Learn more about each customer by viewing their order history. Use this information to make marketing and/or customer service related decisions regarding customers' purchase behavior.
  • Product reviews — Your customers can now share their opinions about your products by writing and reading product reviews. You maintain complete control over who can post a product review. Great for generating feedback about your online store.
  • Shopping lists — Allows customers to create and manage their own shopping lists, wish lists, and registries. Making it easier to shop at your site encourages repeat visits.
  • Mailing lists — Mailing lists are important marketing tools that help boost sales and customer loyalty. Manage and export your mailing lists to companies such as Constant Contact®, to deliver email messages and newsletters to your subscribing customers.
  • Organize customers by groups — Segment customers to target various price levels and messaging. Assign groups to a certain price level, such as bulk or wholesale customers. Isolate groups for email marketing purposes.
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