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Convenient Online Product Catalog

Our powerful ecommerce solution is designed for ease of use by business owners and customers alike. Take advantage of these great features:

  • Sell up to 300,000 products — Create multiple products, including variations, such as size and color. (For example: a T-shirt that comes in three sizes and two colors.)
  • Multiple product variations and options — Quickly create different variations of products, such as sizes and/or colors, as opposed to creating new products for each combination.
  • Product category and subcategory levels — Create up to five product classification levels. (For example: "Clothing" would be a main level category, and "T-Shirts" would be a subcategory. The categories in this example are two levels deep.)
  • Bulk upload of product information — Save time with bulk product and pricing adjustments. This feature allows you to quickly make complex changes for multiple products. (Available for Standard and Premium only.)
  • Real-time inventory control — Changes made in the control panel are automatically reflected on your site. Customers shopping on your site are able to see if items are out of stock or if they can be backordered. Manage and track inventory across multiple warehouse locations.
  • Customizable product display layout templates — Take control over how to display your products. Create your own style to fit your needs or simply take advantage of our professionally defined templates.
  • Unlimited number of photos per product — Provide a gallery display of multiple photos per product. Display thumbnail and large product photos. (Automated sizing of product photos [thumbnail, medium, detailed] available for Standard and Premium only.)
  • Sell personalized products — Use "personalization" to sell products that can be customized for each customer. Some common examples include: name, team, monogram, logo, etc.
  • Sell downloadable products — For services and products that do not ship (such as estimates or software), you can track inventory, assign an unlimited amount, or create a product key to activate a licensed version of software.
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