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Get our highest level of Email Security - Secure Mail with Guard Encryption

Secure Mail with Guard Encryption lets you send your most confidential email with confidence.

Starting at only $7.74/month package details
Discounted price with annual purchase.

Why email encryption?

Regular email is secure enough for every day communications – but sometimes you need the added security of email encryption. For those times, you need Secure Mail with Guard Encryption.

Cyber Attacks are up 87% year
over year*
Over 117 million records were subjected to data breach in 2015*

Sending confidential business details, files or even highly personal information needs to be treated with tighter security than everyday email. Secure Mail with Guard Encryption is for when you need confidence that only your intended recipient receives your confidential communication. Ensure your messages and files are only opened and read by your designated recipient.

What is Secure Mail with Guard Encryption?

Secure Mail with Guard Encryption uses one of the world's most secure encryption methods to ensure your email communications stay confidential.

How does Secure Mail with Guard Encryption work?

Secure Mail with Guard Encryption employs PGP data encryption - a technology that provides cryptographic privacy and authentication for data communications.

Secure Mail with Guard Encryption Features

10GB Email Storage and 15GB File Storage

Professional Email comes with all the space you need for email boxes, messages, and important files. Plus, you can securely store and play multimedia files without worrying about running out of space.

PGP Encryption Technology

PGP is one of the world's most secure encryption methods for email traffic. Guard is fully PGP compliant, but implements it in such a way that it is fast and simple.

Mobile Access

Access your email, files, calendar and tasks on your smartphone or tablet.

End-User Simplicity

No tech degree needed! Just click the security "padlock" and your message and attachments are encrypted.

Online Productivity

Stay on top of your game all day. Customize your personal web portal and we'll automatically highlight today's tasks, appointments, social feeds, news and more.


Guard Encryption lets users "sign" an email. If an email is altered in any way the recipient is warned.

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* Source: Identity Theft Resource Center (ITRC)