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Is social networking really helping my business? Find out with MPACT

Introducing a new iPhone® app that brings insights and management capabilities to your social marketing activities. Find out how far social networks can take your business. MPACT™ provides a single location to manage your social networks and monitor your social networking statistics.

View the impact social networking has on your website
You're already communicating with your customers through social networks, now it's time to see what impact this activity is having on your website. The statistics captured in MPACT™ are displayed in easy to read charts and will tell you how much traffic is being driven to your website from your social networks.

Syndicate posts across all your social networks
With MPACT™ you can easily engage with customers across different social media platforms. Simultaneously post to your Network Solutions® blog, Facebook® profile, Fan page, Places page, and Twitter™ accounts and then measure the results. You can review all your comments in a single location.

Free website from Network Solutions®
To take full advantage of MPACT™ you'll want to have a blog on a Network Solutions® website. You can purchase a full website package or take advantage of our Free Website that you can use to simply host your blog. If you already have a website, you can still enjoy most of the great features available on the app.