Frequently Asked Questions

Domain Support

For information about managing or renewing a domain name, or questions about a specific kind of domain name (such as .tele), please see the Domain Support page.

What's in it for me with the new domain names?

The introduction of hundreds of new domain extensions will allow you to have more personalized and targeted websites that are easy to find on the internet.

When can I register for the new domain names?

Many new domain names are already here! Others are coming soon. We are currently accepting registrations for many of the most popular domain names.

To register for available domains at any time, please go to the Domains page.

How can I register for the new domain names?

We have made the process of registering your new targeted domain simple and easy. Simply select and register the names that you are interested in and we will take care of the rest for you.

Early registration allows you to provide key information that will increase your chances for successful registration. When you register early with us, we will process your registration request and submit it as soon as possible in the applicable phases i.e. Sunrise, Landrush, General Availability (GA).

Learn more about Sunrise, Landrush, and GA phases

During your registration process, we will request some key information from you that is required for that domain name. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to provide optional information such as your trademark number that will qualify your application for submission during the initial sunrise phase(s).

How will I know when I've been awarded my new domain name?

When a decision is received from the Registry regarding your application, you will be notified by email to inform you of the status of your application. Additionally, you will have the ability to view the status of your application by logging on to your online account.

Once your domain name has been awarded, we will notify you right away so you can set up your website, email or add any additional products or services.

To start managing your services, please visit Account Manager. If you've forgotten your log-in information, please visit the Forgot Login/Password page. Please note: for security purposes, we may occasionally ask you to reset your user name and password when logging in to Account Manager.

What if I don't get awarded the domain name I requested?

Domain requests that are rejected by the Registry for any reason will still be charged an application fee that will NOT be refunded to you. You will however be refunded the registration fee charged during pre-registration if you are not awarded the requested domain name.

For more information about our pre-registration terms & conditions, please click here.

What are the different phases for registration?

There are typically three phases: Sunrise, Landrush and General Availability.

Each registration phase has a defined date for submission and processing. During the Pre-Registration phase, you will be allowed to submit an application ahead of the defined dates for other phases. Sunrise is a registration period specifically for trademark holders. Landrush is after Sunrise and before General Availability. Landrush is a premium registration opportunity for those seeking an early, non-trademark registration. General Availability (GA) is first come, first served registration. While GA is open to the public, there may be some requirements for registration (example: membership to an organization).

However, when you register with us we relieve you of the hassle of knowing which phase applies to you. Simply register with us and we will take care of the rest for you. Please note that we will enable you to provide key information such as your trademark information that will increase your chances for successful registration. We will collect pre-registration requests and hold them in a queue until it is time to submit (opening of Sunrise, for example).

Pre-registering does not guarantee acceptance/approval of your application but simply puts your application in front of the line.

How will I know when a new domain name is available for registration

New domain names are released to the public in groups.

To see which domains are available at any time, please visit the Domains page

What is Buyer's Club Program?

It's our 10% discount program specifically designed for customers who wish to pre-register new domain names that are launching. Customers enrolled in the program will save 10% on every new domain pre-registered with us. All Buyer's Club members also enjoy our best price guarantee where we match our competitor's price.

What is the Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH)?

The Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH) is a global repository for trademark data. It allows brand owners seeking to protect their brands to submit their trademark data into one centralized database, prior to and during the launch of new domain names. The verified data in the Trademark Clearinghouse will be used to support both Trademark Claims and Sunrise Services, required in all new domain names.

Click here to learn more about the Trademark Clearinghouse.

How do I get access to the Trademark Clearinghouse?

Please visit the Trademark Clearinghouse website at

What is an SMD File?

The Signed Mark Data (SMD) file is generated by the Trademark Clearinghouse and only provided once a trademark record has been verified. Trademark Holders with registered trademark records with the TMCH are eligible to register before most other domain buyers. When the SMD is submitted during pre-registration, we will hold this information in queue and submit it with the domain name application once sunrise opens for that particular domain name.

Click here to see an example of an SMD file

What are Trademark Claims?

The Trademark Claims period follows the Sunrise period and runs for at least the first 90 days of an initial operating period of general registration. During the Trademark Claims period, anyone attempting to register a domain name matching a mark that is recorded in the Trademark Clearinghouse will receive a notification displaying the relevant mark information.

If the notified party goes ahead and registers the domain name, the Trademark Clearinghouse will send a notice to those trademark holders with matching records in the Clearinghouse, informing them that someone has registered the domain name.

For domain applications submitted prior to General Availability for any particular domain name, we will accept any warning or notice on your behalf that the domain name you are submitting a domain request for may incorporate another party's trademark or other intellectual property.

Please see our pre-registration terms & conditions for more information about Trademark Claims.

When will I be able to manage my new domain name in Account Manager?

Once your domain has been awarded, you should be able to manage it in Account Manager within 24 hours.

How does auction work?

During the pre-registration period, if more than one customer submits a domain name application for the same domain name, depending on the rules of the applicable registry, the ultimate registrant of the domain name may be determined by an auction process. Keep in mind these competing pre-registrations for the same domain name could also come from customers who pre-registered with other registrars. The related registry determines the rules associated with each auction and generally selects a 3rd party to perform and administer the auction. The registry or the 3rd party auction provider will communicate to the domain applicants regarding auction process, date, time and rules associated with each individual auction. Additionally, where feasible we will send an email to our pre-registrants with information about the auction process as well.

Why does the domain I search for show up as 'unavailable'?

There are multiple reasons why a domain name availability check can return as 'unavailable', including but not limited to (i) ICANN may have designated the domain name as unavailable for registration due to name server collision; (ii) the domain name may be designated as a premium domain name by the applicable registry so that it falls outside of standard pre-registration pricing; (iii) the domain name may be held by the registry for its own use or other purposes; or (iv) a domain name may have been already registered during a previous phase.