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All the security you
need in one certificate

Secure your primary website domain and an unlimited number of subdomains with a Wildcard OV SSL Certificate.


    • Up to 256-bit encryption
    • HTTPS, closed padlock, and site seal
    • Issued in 1 business day

Offer Details

*The above pricing only applies when a 2-year billing term is selected in the cart. Standard annual Basic and Advanced SSL pricing are $139.99/yr. and $225/yr. respectively. This service auto-renews. To cancel, contact us within the time designated to avoid renewal. These prices are subject to change at the sole discretion of Network Solutions. For additional details see Services Agreement.


Unlimited Subdomains


with 2-year term*


Why do subdomains need a Wildcard SSL?

Search engines visually identify sites and pages that are not secure, often with red letters and warning messages. If only the primary domain is covered, visitors will see inconsistent coverage and will not trust that your site—or their data—is secured. Wildcard Certificates comprehensively secure your primary domain as well as an unlimited number of subdomains.

Image of SSL security features by certificate

† After completion of verification process and based on systems availability


The encryption provided by SSL Certificates helps to prevent hackers from stealing private and confidential information sent via the Internet. A website secured with an SSL Certificate provides a safe place for customers to enter sensitive data such as credit card information, bank account numbers, etc.

Organizational Validation and Extended Validation are business level validations and are included in products such as the Basic, Advanced, Wildcard, and Extended SSL Certificates. The type of validation needed depends on your budget, organizational size and number of subdomains.

Because computers and servers are networked and maintain an ongoing connection with the web, protecting private data and information while it’s stored or sent online requires an extra measure of security. Encryption changes data into a form that can only be read by the intended receiver.

256-Bit Encryption refers to the size of the decryption key used to unscramble encrypted data. 256-Bit encryption is considered computationally infeasible to crack and is known as a very strong SSL certificate.

Security vulnerability is a liability. A monetary guarantee assures your customers that their transactions are protected on your website. Wildcard comes with a $1 million guarantee—so should they incur losses resulting directly from an online credit card transaction while visiting your website and the loss is a result of a misissued certificate, your customer will receive reimbursement up to $1 million.