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Website Security Options for Online Stores

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While there are many factors that contribute to the success of an online store, one of those factors is too often neglected – website security. Yet failing to provide adequate ecommerce website security leaves your online store vulnerable to hackers, spammers and identity thieves.

Website security protects your ecommerce website while also giving your customers the confidence they need to complete a transaction. Remember -- in order to sell online, you'll be asking your customers to provide their personal identification information and account numbers. This requires a substantial amount of trust that only ecommerce website security can help you gain.

As malicious acts like identity theft become increasingly sophisticated, it's up to you to take website security measures than can protect your customers' sensitive information. Network Solutions® is committed to helping its own clients meet the website security demands that their online stores face day after day. Our ecommerce website security commitment includes:

nsProtect™ Secure SSL Certificates

A Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Certificate encrypts data (such as credit card numbers) so that it is not vulnerable to hackers. Network Solutions nsProtect Secure SSL Certificates offer the highest level encryption available, compatible with 99% of browsers. With a nsProtect Secure SSL seal added to your home page, your website will make a strong first impression with visitors. In addition, your website's URL will hold another sign of your enhanced security level – it will start with 'https:' instead of 'http:'.

nsProtect™ Safe Security & Performance Monitoring

Network Solutions nsProtect Safe service takes ecommerce website security to another level by also including continuous performance monitoring – essential for online stores with 24/7 availability. Through daily scanning of your online store, nsProtect Safe will help you make sure that your website is "live" and operating as it should be at all times – and that you're not vulnerable to outside threats. If there is a problem, Network Solutions® will alert you immediately via email or text. The nsProtect Safe seal can be displayed on your site along with your SSL Certificate seal. You'll also receive detailed activity reports that show you what the nsProtect Safe service has tracked each day.

Secure Ecommerce Shopping Cart Software

Credit card transactions are the preferred payment method for the majority of shoppers at online stores, which makes it important for online stores to have the ability to process credit card payments. However, that credit card processing ability must be accompanied by PCI compliance. When an ecommerce website is PCI compliant, it meets the credit card industry's security requirements for preventing unintended disclosure of cardholder data. Network Solutions ecommerce shopping cart software not only meets, but exceeds, these requirements with a suite of security features including sensitive data encryption, multiple firewalls, and restricted access to hardware that holds credit card data.

While it's sometimes easy to underestimate the importance of ecommerce website security, Network Solutions knows just how important is to the success of your online store – and offers the website security options you need to safely sell online.