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What is Pay Per Click Advertising?

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Pay per click advertising (also known as search engine marketing) appears at the top and right side of a search engine results page (SERP). Search engine marketing services work by associating your ad with a keyword or phrase related to your product or service. Any time that keyword is used in a search, your PPC advertisement will be shown on the search results page. You only pay for PPC advertising when a customer actually clicks the link to visit your website. The cost charged for each click depends on popularity of the keyword, the search engine's assessment of how descriptive the PPC ad and keyword are to your website, and how frequently your ad is clicked vs. your competitors' ads. While PPC advertising shows up most often in search engine results, pay per click results may also appear on different advertising networks and various websites across the Internet.

How Can PPC Advertising Help My Online Business?

A pay per click advertising program enables you to buy your way to a better position on search engine results pages that are most relevant for your customers. By purchasing PPC advertising on search engines, you can get your website promotion instantly in front of your target audience much faster than with search engine optimization (SEO). However, pay per click marketing costs can add up quickly, and most experts agree that it's best to have an online marketing plan that includes a balance of PPC advertising and SEO.

How Can Network Solutions® Help Me with Pay Per Click Advertising?

Network Solutions pay per click advertising experts give you all the advice and support you need to generate high quality leads from your PPC advertising campaigns. We have built strong relationships with all the major search engines that offer PPC advertising, including Google® and Yahoo!®. We'll work with you to select keywords that your target customers are likely to use in an online search and, therefore, offer you value for your PPC advertising investment. After writing and placing your ads on the search engines, you will receive regular reports that analyze the success of your PPC advertising and suggest adjustments to keep your pay per click advertising campaign on track.

With Network Solutions PPC advertising, you can choose from different investment levels based on your budget and your pay per click marketing goals. All PPC advertising packages are designed to drive traffic to your website quickly -- bringing you customers who want to buy what you sell.