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nsMail™ nsMail™ Pro NEW!
Microsoft® Hosted Exchange
Basic Features
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Plenty of storage space allows you to keep messages, files and documents conveniently and indefinitely.
1 GB 2 GB 1GB or 3GB packages available
Email Attachment Size
Easily send multiple or large attachments, such as documents and business presentations.
20 MB 50 MB 50 MB
Aliases Per Email
Set up different email aliases for special events or product lines, such as or, to differentiate your communication and stay organized.
3 10 Unlimited
Email Protection
Spam and Virus Protection
Dramatically reduces spam coming to your inbox by detecting unsolicited email almost instantly. With virus protection, incoming email and attachments are scanned and cleaned of viruses before being delivered.
Yes Yes Yes
Email Access
Integrate with Outlook™
Send and receive email from Microsoft® Outlook. Take advantage of all the great features you already love about Outlook®, while using your customized email address from Network Solutions®.
Yes Yes Yes
Sync Outlook™ Calendar/Tasks/Address Book
Sync your calendar, contacts, and messages through Outlook® (nsMail™ Pro requires Outlook® plug-in). All of your email is stored on Network Solutions state-of-the-art servers - giving you the peace of mind you need.
Yes Yes
FREE Outlook™ Download
Get the most current version of Outlook® available.
IMAP Support
Allows client email programs like Outlook® to access remote messages as if they were local. You can access your email from home on your personal computer, from work, or from your laptop eliminating the need to transfer messages or files between your different computers.
Yes Yes
POP3 Support
Allows you to retrieve email using your own local email client, such as Microsoft® Outlook.
Yes Yes Yes
Web Mail
Access and manage your Network Solutions® web mail from most Web browsers including reading, deleting, composing, sending and forwarding.
Yes Yes Yes
Mobile Email
Choose 'ActiveSync' for real-time synchronization with your Outlook® inbox, calendar and contact folders with your iPhone® and other Active-sync enabled devices. Not available for BlackBerry devices.
Sold Separately Sold Separately Sold Separately
Choose 'Blackberry' for real-time synchronization with your Outlook® inbox, calendar, contacts and tasks.
Sold Separately Sold Separately Sold Separately
Mailbox Tools
Document Management
Organize your documents in one central location, track versions, and save storage space on your hard drive.
Public Folders
Assign administrative rights that allow company-wide access to public documents for every employee.
Yes Yes
Contact Folders for External Users
Keep project participants up-to-date about important contact details. Publishing address books creates a new URL, giving external users access to the website which contains a table of contents that can be searched quickly and easily.
Aggregate External Emails (Gmail®, MSN®, Yahoo®)
Access contacts, read RSS feeds and view emails and direct messages from various email sources in one central location.
Yes, in web mail Yes, in web mail Yes, in Outlook™
Subscription to Google® Calendar
Automatically import appointments and new events from your Google® calendar.
Yes Yes
Publication of Large Email Attachments for External Users
Publish large email attachments to avoid undelivered email to your external users.
ActiveSync® & BlackBerry® Mobility
Synchronize your mobile device with your Microsoft® Hosted Exchange account and access your up-to-date email, contacts, tasks and calendar.
Customer Support
24/7 Real Person Support
Get your questions answered with 24/7 online or toll-free help from Network Solutions® team of email experts.
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† Pricing is based on discounted annual terms. Price for nsMail™ is for a 3 year purchase. Price for nsMail™ Pro is for a 1 year purchase. Price for Microsoft® Hosted Exchange is for the 1GB package.

** Customers on a monthly billing cycle are billed every four weeks.