Compare Our Microsoft® SharePoint® Hosting Packages

SharePoint® Hosting can be useful for any business that needs to improve productivity and process efficiencies through a managed single workspace. We offer three packages to accommodate up to 500 users. Use our SharePoint® Hosting comparison chart to see what is included with each package.

Setting up and managing a single workspace helps to keep every team member connected and in-sync. Our SharePoint® Hosting packages provide ample disk space and unlimited bandwidth while leveraging the Microsoft® Windows SharePoint Services (WSS), a collaboration platform that helps small businesses share information and resources across functional teams and geographic locations.

You gain greater administrative control and security over important data and resources. You can limit access to information to specific teams, set up recycle bin item retrieval and implement required version-control features to maintain the integrity of documents.

Team members can collaborate seamlessly in an online workspace that allows them to share and organize documents, host group discussions via the Internet and coordinate schedules — whether team members are located centrally or working remotely.

Our Microsoft® SharePoint® packages allow you to effortlessly deploy a reliable and secure collaboration infrastructure to enhance your team's productivity. You can get team members up-to-speed quickly by offering integration with other common Microsoft® Office productivity tools and programs that they are likely to have used previously. Plus, the user-friendly interface allows team members to navigate with ease.

Best of all, we're here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our customer service consultants are available whenever you need them to answer your questions.

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SharePoint® Hosting Package Details

SharePoint® Essential Hosting SharePoint® Professional Hosting SharePoint® Premium Hosting
$7.74 /month
$15.52 /month
$38.85 /month
Disk Space 500 MB 1 GB 5 GB
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Users 50 250 500
Set Up Fee Free Free Free
Free* Domain Name 1 1 1
Emailboxes 25 50 100
Microsoft® Office Integration Yes Yes Yes
Application Templates Yes Yes Yes
Document Collaboration, Check-in & Check-out Yes Yes Yes
Calendars Yes Yes Yes
Tasks Yes Yes Yes
Discussion Forums Yes Yes Yes
Contacts Yes Yes Yes
$7.74 /month
$15.52 /month
$38.85 /month

* See Terms and Conditions for free nsWebAddress™ .

† with annual agreement. Set up fees may apply.