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Smart & Secure: Why Professional Email is Worth Every Penny

account_circle Network Solutions Team
Network Email

Key Takeaways:

  • A professional email account keeps your company’s email data secure and accessible.
  • Reliable email functionality allows your team to interact securely and efficiently with customers, vendors and each other.
  • Network Solutions offers professional email options to fit your specific business needs.


Every day, over 120 billion business emails are sent and received. Before you or a team member open another one, think about this: Over 60 percent of businesses are targeted by email hackers each year and nearly 70 percent of business leaders say their cybersecurity risks are increasing.

When you’re responsible for your business’s email system, safety, security and functionality are critical aspects to ensuring your team can share important data internally and externally without the fear of data breaches. Now, with so many people working remotely, email security is even more important. What can you do to protect the best interests of your company while providing high-performance email access?

A professional email account makes it fast and easy for your group to efficiently and effectively handle inquiries from customers and vendors, share advice and solutions and have an ongoing dialogue with your clients. Best of all, these communications will be created, sent and received within a secure environment you can trust. Here’s why.

Ways a Professional Email Account Will Enhance Your Business

Reliable Security

Too often, unsuspecting people fall prey to legitimate-looking emails that are customized to the recipient and contain a link or attachment. Once these links or attachments are accessed, malicious software (malware) opens a communication channel to hackers who gain access to private data and information within a company’s email system. This phishing tactic is just one of many hacking methods used in cyberattacks that can instantly compromise the safety of your emails, website, networks and internal servers.

The need for effective email security is high – the average cost of corporate email data breaches will be about $150 million in 2020. As an IT professional, you understand the importance of maximizing the efficiency and minimizing the risks of your company’s email communications. However, threats such as phishing and eavesdropping, a tactic that allows hackers to monitor company emails without being detected, continue to be a challenge. Obstacles like viruses and malware not only inhibit your company’s email operation but also negatively impact the company’s brand perception in the marketplace.

What can you do? A professional email account helps you navigate these cyber roadblocks with reliable connections that allow your team to interact securely with customers, vendors and each other. Features like data encryption, which scrambles text when a message is sent and unscrambles it before it is read by an authorized recipient, offer added protection to the email process. Additional security features identify potential “phishing expeditions” and designate these email addresses as spam to prevent future access.

The best professional email accounts are hosted on protected servers and include backup protocols. This keeps your data secure and accessible when you need it most. While threats to your email security will always be present, a professional email account will give you peace of mind in knowing your company’s email data and information is well protected and readily accessible.

Expansive Storage

The average U.S. office worker receives over 120 emails a day and spends nearly 30 percent of their time reading, writing and sending emails. Your team can accumulate a large amount of data in a short amount of time. That’s why you need a professional email option that maximizes server space in your primary storage location and maintains a high level of performance with business applications. Having plenty of email storage capacity for each of your employees is important for seamless data handling and communication and keeping your email network running smoothly.

While frequently archiving email files is one way to free up email storage space and keep your system going strong, this can be a time-consuming process. A professional email account offers substantial storage capacity – with the option to upgrade based on your needs – to efficiently handle email files and attachments. A quick audit of your employees’ email usage will help you determine your data storage needs. For example, 750,000 pages of data equal about 10GB of memory. Your memory capacity should far exceed your needs to ensure your system is always highly operational and accessible.

Email on Phone

Effective Branding

Your professional email account should complement your brand in every way. A good domain address reflects your company name and is consistent with your brand’s digital identity including your website and social media channels. A professional email has credibility with recipients and because of its configuration typically passes the scrutiny of spambots helping your emails to avoid junk folders. Having a domain registered with your company name also helps to protect against email impersonation and social engineering tactics in which hackers use your company identity to conduct fraudulent activities.

In addition, a professional email account can help reinforce your brand. It instantly gives your business added credibility, presents a professional image and builds trust with clients and prospects. When you have a branded email address, every time an employee sends a message, they are promoting your business. A professional email is a solid investment in your company and your bottom line.

Easy Accessibility

In your world, downtime is not an option. A professional email account helps to ensure your email system is always up and running and accessible in the office and on the go via laptops, tablets and smartphones. An organized information hierarchy makes it easy for users to locate, organize, file, send and receive emails anytime, anywhere to promote better, more responsive communication.

For added convenience, a professional email account offers you multiple aliases for each mailbox user. For example, an email box address like [email protected] can also include aliases such as [email protected] and [email protected] So, if someone misspells your email address but uses one of these aliases, you will still receive the email. It’s another example of the functionality and easy access professional email offers.

Network Solutions Has the Professional Email Options You Need to Succeed

To keep your company’s email system secure and highly operational, Network Solutions offers Professional Email, a service that gives you your own domain,15GB of email storage and hosting that allows you to manage your email using your favorite email client.  For even greater capabilities, our Professional Email Plus service offers the benefits of Professional Email plus 30GB of email storage, an open business suite and added security options. Both services are backed by award-winning customer support and are highly secure with spam and virus protection, and Professional Email Plus comes with Guard Encryption to protect your email communications against data breaches and cyber-attacks.

Keep the lines of communication open and help your company operate in a secure email environment. A professional email account is safe, smart and a key element of your ongoing success.

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