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5 Ways to Boost Your Business Website’s Performance

account_circle Network Solutions Team
Website Performance

Key Takeaways:

  • Ensuring your organization’s website provide customers with a positive online experience is a top priority.
  • You need proven and budget-friendly resources to effectively boost your business website’s performance.
  • Network Solutions has the tools you need to boost productivity, protect your site’s valuable information and provide data backup.


Your business website is the cornerstone of your organization’s brand and ensuring it is always accessible and fully functional is one of your primary responsibilities – and it’s an important one. Nearly 90 percent of consumers say they are unlikely to return to a site after a bad experience and nearly half of all website visitors will quickly exit a site if the pages don’t open immediately.

At a time when more people are spending time online and making eCommerce purchases, maintaining highly functional webpages for your organization is critical to providing an outstanding online customer experience. Thankfully, there are resources available to help you boost the performance of your site and help customers stay connected and engaged with your business. Here are features to look for from a website support resource.

Ensure Outstanding Uptime and Access with Cloud Web Hosting

A customer’s online user experience with your company can relate to something as basic as how fast your website loads on their laptop and how easy it is to navigate through site pages. This type of functionality can be largely dependent on your web hosting provider. Finding a high-performance, reliable home for your company’s web presence is key to boosting customer satisfaction and establishing strong online foundation for your business.

That’s why more organizations are leveraging the benefits of cloud web hosting. This storage method safely and reliably stores your site data on multiple servers on a third-party site. The redundancy of this multi-server network is a major benefit. For example, if one server isn’t working properly, your site will be instantly moved to another server on the network to maintain services with your business’s customers.

Cloud web servers have low-density configurations which can help to boost web page loading speeds up to 1000 percent. Your employees and customers will be able to quickly and reliably access your websites any time and from anywhere. Maybe that’s why over 60 percent of the world’s website data is cloud hosted and over 90 percent of organizations that utilize these cloud-based services report substantial business benefits.

Keep Your Website Data Safe with Malware Security

Cyberattacks are on the rise during the coronavirus crisis, and you need to be sure that your website data is safe from hackers. Incidents of DanaBot attacks — an invasive malware that can compromise financial data and credentials on websites — have risen nearly 200 percent since the beginning of 2020. These data breaches can be costly; the average financial loss associated with a cyberattack is $200,000.

To help you safeguard your organization’s website data, many web hosting services come with security features that protect against malware. Resources are available to continually scan your site for vulnerabilities, identify threats like malware and remove them from your networks and software. Proven security solutions are a valuable investment in your organization’s websites – and your peace of mind.

Increase Speed with a Content Delivery Network

Stay Connected

Website visitors will form an instant opinion about your organization simply by how quickly your company websites load. Clearly speed and performance are essential in creating a positive online customer experience and utilizing a content delivery network (CDN) can help you achieve this. A CDN links your site content to server networks across the globe and enables site visitors to access data from the nearest server, increasing speed and efficiency.

Through the CDN process, site files will be automatically compressed for fast delivery to and from worldwide servers, to ensure site visitors stay on page and engaged. This is a great option for companies that market nationally and internationally and have a broad customer base. Customers expect your websites to be responsive and offer fast load times – a CDN is an effective and efficient way to make that happen.

Improve Site Reliability With Off-Site Backup

Losing business data can have a detrimental impact on any organization, yet nearly 60 percent of all businesses are not prepared for data loss. Thankfully, this potentially costly oversight is preventable, and having a reliable system in place to consistently back up your website data helps ensure you never lose access to your company’s valuable data.

Should an online attack occur, having your business website data backed up will help to get your site back up and running quickly and efficiently. Backup is critical but can be time-consuming – look for a service that is specifically designed to streamline the process. Some resources offer automatic website solutions in tandem with web hosting packages which can be good for your budget and your peace of mind.

Choose Network Solutions to Improve Your Website Performance

As an IT professional, we know you have your hands full. That’s why Networks Solutions offers a complete array of proven resources to make your job easier. It begins with our cloud-based web hosting packages that will improve the performance and reliability of your business websites. For added efficiency and security, our SiteLock® Defend™ software provides daily vulnerability scans of your websites, features a global content delivery network (CDN), is SSL compatible to protect your customers’ personal data when making online purchases and automatically removes malware.

For added security and data backup capabilities, SiteLock 911® automatically scans and removes malware until your site is clean and sends you email notifications as malware is removed. CodeGuard is an automatic website backup solution for customers with web hosting package applications. To complete the picture and assist you in your daily tasks, our MyTime Support™ service gives you access to website experts to help you with your IT responsibilities.

Stay Connected to Productivity

Making sure your business website is always accessible and running smoothly is essential. Let Network Solutions make things easier for you with proven resources to boost the performance of your website, systems and network.


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