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.SPACE Fits Perfectly for These 8 Businesses. Is Your Business One of Them?


From Our Partners at Radix

The online space offers a world of opportunity for creating and building a brand, but it’s also highly competitive. Businesses and sole proprietors need to pay careful attention to every branding opportunity that comes their way as they may not have the marketing budgets to compete with bigger rivals.

One such crucial but often overlooked opportunity is choosing the right domain name for your website. As a fledgling online entity, you will need a domain name that:

  •       Resonates with your brand name.
  •       Is unique enough to stand out.
  •       Indicates what you do.
  •       Is easy to understand and recall.


Checking all of these boxes in an environment where new websites are appearing every day can be daunting and expensive. If you are looking to buy a domain name of your choice on a traditional extension, chances are that it has already been taken.

Fortunately, there are newer alternatives that are not only easier to acquire but may just be more meaningful to your brand’s vision. One such new domain extension is .SPACE.

.SPACE is widely used especially by creative entrepreneurs and freelancers whose work is intertwined with their passion and personality. It is also a good fit for businesses trying to stand out from the crowd.

Below are a few industries that could benefit from this unique domain extension.

1. Art

Art knows no boundaries, which is why an open-ended domain extension such as .SPACE is perfect for an artist’s website. Moreover, the word “space” is universally understood in pretty much the same sense, which means that you may be creating your art in Sri Lanka, but you can attract patrons from anywhere in the world,

You can even use your .SPACE website to host virtual art exhibitions on a site like


2. Photography

A photographer’s studio is where they breathe life into still pictures through their use of light and color. Just like a physical studio, a photographer’s website must reflect their style, sense of aesthetics and what makes them special.

A web address created on a versatile extension such as .SPACE can create countless online opportunities for you.

For exhibiting your personal and professional work, giving visitors a taste of behind the scenes with work-in-progress photographs, showcasing outtakes, narrating stories and even dabbling in other art forms, you can create a domain that’s truly yours. Think about something like, for example.


3. Outer Space

While versatile, .SPACE can also be applied in the literal sense. One of the biggest advantages of using new domain extensions is that they are industry-specific and, thus, make your domain name more meaningful and relevant.

When you hear the word “space”, the first thing that comes to mind is outer space. It is this direct and immediate association of the word with its meaning, that universally (pun intended), makes .SPACE an ideal choice for the domain name of a space-related entity.

This entity could be anything from a space agency ( to an aeronautical engineering company ( to a science website publishing outer space-related content ( to a blog about conspiracy theories related to aliens (


4. Astrology

Speaking of outer space, there is yet another industry that relates to the stars and the planets. If you are an astrologer looking to establish yourself in the global online world, creating a website with the .SPACE domain extension can be just the unique branding you need.

You can either clearly indicate what it is you do by using the words “astrology” or “horoscope” in the domain name, such as or Or you can be a little creative by not clearly indicating what you do but intriguing the users enough to click on your link (for example, or


5. Coworking Space

Coworking spaces all over the world are changing the way modern organizations operate. They are synergetic spaces where companies or individuals hailing from different industries have the opportunity to work together. Coworking spaces are where most startups are born.

A dynamic and vibrant workplace such as this needs a domain name that reflects its variety and fluidity, and what better choice than the .SPACE extension? It truly indicates that the place doesn’t restrict itself to any one category or industry and is a space not just for work but also for play.

This is because most coworking spaces have recreational facilities such as gyms, swimming pools and games rooms. Domain names such as or would be great options for a coworking space website.


6. Online learning

Thanks to the Internet, each of us has a treasure trove of learning and knowledge at our fingertips. With conferencing apps, online classroom software and several videos and file-sharing tools, one can learn pretty much anything by accessing a virtual classroom from the comfort of their home.

Whether you’re an Ivy-league university or a sole online tutor, you can create an immersive, high-tech and resource-rich virtual learning space on a contextual domain extension such as .SPACE.

With an indicative and inspiring domain name such as, or, you can impart your knowledge to anyone from anywhere in the world.


7. Online Clubs

Online clubs are a great space for people with common interests to come together and share their passion and knowledge. Nowadays, there is a club for everything, from books to pet lovers to cinephiles and audiophiles to sports fanatics to tech geeks.

Let’s imagine that you are a Harry Potter fan and are browsing the Internet for interesting forums. During your search, if you come across a website called, wouldn’t you be intrigued to check it out?

No matter what interest category you are catering to, the .SPACE domain extension can help you connect with the right audience. You can use it for sharing content, conducting group discussions and also promoting local meetups.


8. Personal Website

Are you contemplating creating a personal website to keep an online journal, create picture albums or to post artwork and creative content such as DIY projects and recipes? If you want to get out there and inspire the world with your passion and talent, the .SPACE domain extension could be the perfect fit for your online brand.

You can pair it with your name ( or other words that resonate with your personality, work and intent ( or to establish a unique and memorable brand.



These are just a few examples of what you can do with new domain extensions. The fact is that any industry or interest can thrive on .SPACE simply because it doesn’t restrict itself to one particular field. At the same time, it is unique enough to pique the interest of those who chance upon it.


Author: Alisha Shibli 

Alisha is a Senior Content Marketing & Communication Specialist at Radix, the registry behind some of the most successful new domain extensions, including .ONLINE and .TECH. You can connect with her on LinkedIn and Twitter

Featured Image: Unsplash

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