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Advertising Your Business Website with PPC

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Suppose you gave a party and nobody came.

That is the risk we take when we launch a business website. But customers and prospects can't enjoy the benefits of your business’s web presence unless they know about your website. So how do you get the word out?

Website marketing that includes pay per click (PPC) advertising.

In this article we'll look at the advantages of advertising your business website on other web pages, and whether advertising makes sense as part of your online marketing campaign.

If your business website is intended only to provide a web presence for a business that serves only local customers, you may still need to include advertising in your web site marketing mix. Check with local City Guide business websites and local newspaper websites to see if they accept banner ads, and consider placing your business in a banner.

And if you’re looking for a larger audience:

  • Pump Up The Volume: Programs that place sponsored Pay Per Click advertisements for your business website on leading search engine pages can be a phenomenally good and inexpensive investment:
    • PPC means you pay only for actual visitors to your business website.
    • PPC Click services often guarantee certain number of visitors to your business website each month!
  • Look for Services that Include the Ads: When you use a recognized Pay Per Click service, your ads are placed on leading search engine websites in order to help generate traffic to your website – creating the ads should be included:
    • The ads for your web marketing campaign should be based on a careful review of your business’s nature and the nature of your business website
    • An effective keyword list should be developed that meets high standards of Search Engine Marketing. The list will be reviewed with you to make sure it meets your needs, and then an ad that meets search engine standards will be developed. This is the ad that will appear on relevant searches.
    • Frequent reporting that shows the results of your ads on your business website – how many people click on the ad and get to your website – is an important part of the Search Engine Marketing service.

Web marketing with Pay Per Click Advertising can be a powerful tool for guiding your business website's presence – and building your business' customer base.