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Website Mistakes to Avoid

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Simple mistakes, as anyone in business knows, can have large consequences. And that’s just as true online as it is to every other aspect of your business.

Here are a few of the most common – and most easily avoided or corrected – business website mistakes:

  • Slow loads: If your web hosting service can't deliver your pages quickly, your customers may not wait for your business web site to load. Make sure your web hosting service has the best, fastest and highest capacity servers and connections so that your web marketing speed isn't held back by their deficiencies. Change to a more sophisticated web hosting service if necessary. Even on fast, high-capacity web hosting services, it's a good idea not to have too many photos or other graphics on a business web page. Better to have multiple business web pages than to have customers leave rather than wait for your business web site to load.
  • Too much website for your customers: Whether you are building a website yourself, or have hired a web designer to build a custom website for you, don’t feel that you have to include every fancy animation, sound or other special effect that’s available. Not all of your customers, prospects and visitors may be able to handle those features on their computer or via their Internet connection. A sophisticated business website and web marketing campaign doesn’t have to be complicated or require a cutting-edge computer.
  • Outdated materials: If your business website contains dated materials or information, make sure they are removed once the date is passed. Few things send a more negative signal than out-of-date information. Special Note: Don’t include a "website last updated on" line on your business website – that is a blunder waiting to happen for businesses that are not able to update information frequently.
  • Errors: Misspelled words, typos, bad grammar and other common errors mark your web marketing efforts as sloppy, and may send the same signal about your web business efforts. Proofread all material carefully – and have someone else proofread it as well.
  • Frequent Spam: Don’t overload your customers with web marketing emails. It’s just too easy to have your emails mistaken for spam. Send only those web marketing emails that you think that your customers will actually be interested in, use clear and concise subject-lines, and limit the number and frequency of web marketing emails you send as part of your site promotion efforts.

As you can see, most of these web marketing mistakes are not only easy to avoid, they also rest on common sense. Your website customers will appreciate your efforts – and they may even come back to visit your site again and again.