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Should Your PPC Advertising Include Branded Keywords?

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When choosing keywords for your PPC advertising campaign, it's important to give careful thought to the use of branded keywords, or keywords that support your company brand name. Depending on your unique situation, they can be an important part of your pay per click marketing strategy.

At first glance, branded keywords may seem like a waste of pay per click marketing dollars. Many business owners incorrectly assume that their web site will automatically be the first one found when someone searches for their company's products or services by brand name. However, this is not always the case with search engine marketing.

If you're thinking about bidding on branded keywords in your pay per click marketing campaign, there are several important factors to consider:

Your Competition

Are your competitors bidding on your branded keywords in an attempt to "steal" visitor traffic from your site? Failure to bid on your brand terms can leave you wide open to unethical practices by a competitor. It's impossible to trademark keywords, which means that bidding on branded keywords is your best line of defense against brand theft.

Your Rankings

If you're struggling to rank on the first page of "natural" search results for your brand keywords, using branded keywords in your PPC campaign can help give you instant visibility. Even if you have strong natural search rankings, a pay per click ad with branded keywords can help boost customer confidence when it appears alongside those results.

Your Search Volume

By using an online keyword search volume tool, you can determine how many people are truly searching for you by brand. If the numbers are high, you'll want to take advantage of that potential traffic by using branded keywords in your PPC advertising.

Your Conversions

When someone is using branded keywords to find your products or services online, it is a strong indicator that they are ready to take action (for example, by making a purchase online.) For this reason , branded keywords tend to produce more conversions. Remember to track branded keywords separately to avoid distorting your overall PPC advertising results.

Your Message

Consistency can have a strong impact on consumer confidence. When your PPC ad reaches customers searching for your brand, you can then direct them to the landing page of your choice – in many cases, one that supports the message from your other marketing channels.

Your Budget

From a bidding standpoint, branded keywords are usually the least costly. Keep in mind, however, that you're paying for clicks – make sure your budget can handle the clicks that will result from your search volume. Even inexpensive clicks can add up quickly.

While there are many factors to consider, most small businesses are likely to find that branded keywords – when used wisely – can be a valuable part of a pay per click marketing campaign.