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Include Business Email in Your Web Hosting Plan

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Email is essential for virtually every aspect of your business.

The best small business Web hosting companies understand this and provide their customers with email hosting that ensures effective and reliable email. From communication with employees, correspondence with existing customers, responses to inquiries from prospects and promotional mailings – you need email hosting that you can count on.

The effectiveness and availability of email hosting rests upon the several features you should insist upon from your small business Web hosting service.

24/7/365 reliability

Your business Web hosting company should guarantee that its Web hosting services – including email hosting – are up and running without fail.

Branded email addresses

Make sure the Web hosting company you consider includes business-branded email addresses linked to your domain name (the Web address of your business) as part of their email hosting services. These personalized email addresses reinforce your business every time you send a message.

Accessibility from any Internet connection

Efficient email hosting should make your business email accessible every time you go on the Internet, whether at your office, at home, or on the road.

Reasonable volume allowances

Your Web hosting company should provide a clearly defined volume/size of monthly email (including attachments such as e-catalogs and photos) with your business Web hosting package or contract.

Spam protection

Junk email can only be a detriment to your business email goals. To protect your reputation, your business Web hosting company must include spam and virus protection.


Archived emails are both valuable business records and, for some businesses, required for regulation compliance; check the storage capacity offered by the Web hosting company you're considering for your email hosting needs.

Growth potential

Your Web hosting company must make it easy for you to add additional features and resources as your email hosting needs grown along with your Web-based business.

Email is central to modern business and that means it's central to business Web hosting – be sure your Web hosting company makes it central to the Web hosting services it provides.