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Building an ecommerce business takes preparation. If you take the time to plan, your chances for success will increase dramatically. Start by creating a realistic business plan. After composing your ecommerce plan it is wise to several experienced business advisors review your thought processes.

After fine tuning your business plan you can shift from the planning stage to execution: registering a domain name, choosing an ecommerce shopping cart solution, designing your logo and web site to appeal customers; setting up your credit card merchant account; and implementing your online advertising and web promotion plans.

In reality, building a successful ecommerce shopping cart business is complex and unlike any other project you have dealt with in the past. You must do considerable research and planning before implementing you ideas.

Small Business Ecommerce

Start-up Phase 1: What is needed to be competitive online? You need an ecommerce software to help manage inventory, product uploads, images, discounts, promotions, customer relationship management and online orders. You need a shopping cart program that can handle the tax, shipping and payment transactions. A number of ecommerce solutions will offer all of these components in one bundled package- making management and maintenance turnkey efficient. In addition, good ecommerce shopping cart solutions will allow for other plug-in programs to be integrated for the optimal online business. What's the right solution for you?

It is important to compile a detailed list of features and requirements before choosing your ecommerce solution provider. Choose a robust solution to leave room for the company to grow. Build your e-business with the future in mind so you can build to current infrastructure without throwing away past efforts. Whether you plan to jump into the market right away, or delay the process, you must have a plan.

One thing that will help with the initial plan is developing a requirements document. By compiling pertinent information as possible, you can create realistic budgetary expectations.

When dealing with sales and marketing, there are many questions that need to be addressed.

Who are your target customers? What do they need? How do you appeal to customers? How do you convert customers to sales? What products will you offer and how will you present them? How will you provide customer service? How will you get traffic to your site? How will you fulfill orders? What will you do to follow order up? What information will you keep on record? How will you be personal with each and every customer?

Once you have laid out the order of operations and plans, there will still be ongoing choices to make with your ecommerce online store. In the next section, we will discuss sales techniques and how to implement. This is beneficial to find out which methods best suit your business and products and or services you are planning on selling.