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Ecommerce: How to Sell

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The type of products ecommerce customers seek often times defines how they shop for them. This concept should be taken into consideration when creating your ecommerce store. How do you make your products appear relevantly to your customer base? The methods you implement to make customers aware of target products and how you structure the interaction between product and consumer will largely affect online sales.

Most shopping cart solutions allow consumers to shop by category or keyword because databases files are easily configured in that way. What's the best method of displaying products? Let's analyze several product display methods and how they affect customers and sales.

There are a variety of ways to sell your products online, but most fall into 5 basic categories.

Considered Purchase Products

High ticket items are more difficult to sell. Some products take time, price comparison and consideration before purchasing. High priced items like automobiles, electronics, and service programs require a contract have multiple variations, models, and options which increase complexity. In addition, there are a number of price comparison services being born to help consumers make their purchasing decisions and ecommerce software packages. Many of these sites are in their infancy stages and have had trouble gaining a large user base amongst the masses.

Impulse Products and Gifts

Some people can't leave a mall or log-off their computer without making impulse purchase decisions. If your product line fits this model… your site should be easy to navigate, clean, and offer "impulse-oriented" sales copy. Make the site interesting and upbeat. Your store should initiate shopping.

Commodity Products

The product groups that fit under "commodity" are low risk items. Customers seeking commodity products usually want to make sure the item is in stock and at reasonable price. Companies that provide these types of products focus on price, availability and selection.

Commodity products are often low or narrow margin items due to price wars. Some companies use personalized customer care and convenience to win a competitive advantage. The more features your web store provides to better serve your customers, the more you will set yourself aside from your competitors.

Configurable Products

A computer workstation is a perfect example of a configurable product. The products depend on multiple options and variations. Basic components are somewhat the same, but there are many add-ons and plug-ins that will enhance the product and make it more desirable. This will enable customers to design their own products combining mass and customized marketing capabilities.

Categorized Products

Indexed Products might be the most convenient way of searching for and buying products. This allows for more organization through a category and sub category structure. For companies with thousands of products, this method proves to be the most effective.

With these different types of product groups in mind, you must figure out what is best for your online ecommerce business. Instead of focusing on the easiest solution, consider what features will bring value to your store, understand what your customers want, and emphasize on levels of convenience for those customers.

Adding Value

In addition to finding out the best way to provide your products, new technologies are being taken advantage of to better serve customers. These include automated answers and recommendations. Artificial intelligence technologies can interpret natural language and automatically reply to a high percentage of service and sales inquiries. These types of systems can also direct the remainder of unanswered questions to the necessary department. Recommendations can also be made by these programs, cross selling items to customers based on past purchasing information. Thee collaborative tools will connect the necessary information and recommend a certain product. With this, the more customers' buy, the more accurate the recommendations become. There are many ways to add value to your site by taking advantage of all the superb technologies available. Find out what will work best with your sales force and research all of the possibilities. But remember! The Internet is not a replacement for the human touch!