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Ecommerce Web Design Basics

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When you're ready to start selling online, consider what you want your ecommerce website design to "say" about your business. Most likely, you want your ecommerce Web design to give the impression that you are a professional, reliable online store that can be trusted. In fact, that confidence is key to building customer relationships and promoting sales – and an effective ecommerce website design can help you achieve those goals.

Of course, good looks aren't everything -- functionality also plays a major role in the effectiveness of a website design. A professional ecommerce Web design should include user-friendly features like clean navigation. Finally, it's important to remember that your ecommerce Web design must appeal not just to visitors, but to the search engines that will evaluate its content and assign it a ranking on search engine results pages, where customers will be looking for the products you offer.

While it may sound overwhelming, the solution is to find a professional ecommerce Web design company that can simplify the process. Network Solutions® works with small businesses like yours every day, and we understand that ecommerce website design requires more than a cookie cutter approach. Our ecommerce solutions are adaptable, so you can create an ecommerce Web design for your online store that has everything you need – and nothing you don't.

Using Ecommerce Website Templates

Our ecommerce shopping cart software, nsCommerceSpace™, makes creating an ecommerce website surprisingly simple. You can choose from a wide variety of pre-formatted templates, then customize your template to reflect the style of your business by selecting colors, adding images and adjusting page layout. A step-by-step checklist will guide you through the process, which requires no HTML experience.

Customizing Your Ecommerce Web Design

If your online store demands a customized design that an ecommerce Web design template can't accomplish, our professional Web design services are just what you need. You'll have one-on-one interaction with an ecommerce Web design expert from start to finish. Keep in mind that our customized ecommerce Web design services are available to those who also purchase our ecommerce shopping cart software.

Adding a Logo Design to Your Ecommerce Website

A professional logo design can help your online store appear more professional and enhance brand recognition. Our Web design experts can create a professional, affordable logo for your ecommerce website. We'll even provide you the logo design in several file formats, so you can add the same logo to your email and print marketing materials.

Your ecommerce Web design is the first thing your visitors will notice when they visit your online store. Whether you want to create a website using nsCommerceSpace™ or customized ecommerce design services, Network Solutions® can help you achieve your ecommerce Web design goals.