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Learn About Secure Email

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What is Secure Email?

Few people realize that special steps must be taken to secure email. Email security is the process of using email encryption to send messages that can only be opened by the intended recipient. Sending a message without secure email encryption is similar to dropping a post card in the mail – it can be read by almost anyone handling the postcard during its journey from sender to receiver.

How Can Secure Email Encryption Help My Online Business?

Secure email encryption protects both your online business and your customers' sensitive information. And secure email encryption is not only important for the success of online businesses – it's often required by government regulations for industries such as health care and financial services.

No matter what industry your business is in, if you routinely exchange confidential financial or personal data via email, secure email encryption is a necessary safeguard for your electronic communications with customers.

How Can Network Solutions Help Me with Secure Email?

Network Solutions® offers an email encryption service called LOQMail®, which allows you to send and receive encrypted and secure email messages using Outlook® and Outlook® Express. You can use LOQMail E-mail Security with your existing email address and any email provider that supports Outlook or Outlook Express. Users of Network Solutions Personal or Business Email can use LOQMail through either application.

If you've tried secure email encryption before and found it too difficult, you'll be surprised by how easy email encryption is with LOQMail®. Although it requires so little effort on your part, LOQMail can have a big impact on your online business.