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How to Choose Web Design Templates

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Website templates can help you create a website — even if you don't have design skills, time or a huge budget. Web design templates can also save you time, effort and money –if you choose the right one! The abundance of Web design templates can be mind boggling, but a few simple questions can help you make an informed decision before you create a website.

As you consider different website templates, you must be clear on your website goals. Once you know what you want to say and what you want visitors to do, you're ready to choose a template and create a website! With your goals in mind, you can navigate the field of Web design templates with some simple steps.

What Type of Website do You Want to Build?

Website templates determine a site's structure, look and feel. Are you creating a single page? Do you need 10-pages of mostly text? Or, do you require a catalogue of thousands of product images? You also need to marry the Web design template with the theme when you create a website. For example, an online lingerie store will have a different look and feel than a photographer's portfolio, a church site, a real-estate company, or a sports team site. Web design templates must meet your structural and stylistic requirements.

What Layout Fits Your Needs?

The layout determines how the information will be structured when you create a website. The key to using Web design templates is choosing the one that works exactly as you need and want it to without too many changes. Avoid website templates that look good but require excessive redesign to meet your practical needs. Look at the structure of the home page and the interior pages when you create a website. Do you want mostly text pages? Will you include graphics, tables, and links? Do you like the navigation bar at the top or to the side?

Will the Web Design Templates Require Much Customization?

Most Web design templates allow you to make changes in order to reflect your existing brand. Customization ranges from color and font selection and adding your company logo all the way to adding multi-media and flash animation. What customization do you need? Remember that Web design templates should fulfill the objectives of fast download time, be search engine friendly and make it exceptionally easy for the user to navigate. Make sure the template you choose to create a website will support the degree of customization that you require. Note: customization should enhance existing website templates, not require complete redesign.

Will Customer Support Be There To Help?

No matter how "simple to use" or "easy to update", website templates must be supported by an expert you can talk to if you run into any problems. 24/7 support is invaluable when you create a Web site – if you've been up all night in a marathon effort to get your Web site up and running, it can be crushing to find you've skipped a simple step and can't publish online. Make sure you can reach someone via phone, email or online chat so that you really can get your Web site uploaded "in an instant" any time of the day or night.

Are the Website Templates Professionally Designed?

There are a myriad of Web design templates available at varying costs. It's really important to choose the website template that balances professional design with usability. The goal of any Web page is to guide the viewer to a desired action. It should look good, be easy to read, be fast to download, be readily accessible to search engines, and work in all Web browsers. Web design templates need to be created by both Web designers and programmers to make sure design and usability are perfectly in union. If you create a Website that looks great but takes 10 minutes to download, you won't buy many friends or customers!

Web design templates can save you time, money and effort when you create a website. The right template for your site is one that will give you a great look and include all the features you need so that you can concentrate on what you add to your website rather than making it work.