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Update Your Website to Help Increase Online Sales

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You know how important it is to regularly update your website in order to keep it fresh for customers and give them reasons to keep returning. Here are some important design, ecommerce and web marketing elements to keep in mind and put to work as you do so:

Aim all updates at increasing ecommerce success

  • Whether you're considering expanding your business website, or just adding a new product page to your online store, be sure to include web marketing and online branding elements:

Use new product codes so that you can track the new online store elements' success

  • Include existing and effective branding elements on new pages - and be sure to migrate new web marking and online branding elements to existing pages
  • Don't forget the "must-haves" on every ecommerce and online store page: logo, email launcher/contact button, navigation buttons and so on: and make sure they are placed consistently with their location on other pages in your online store

Update regularly - and relate online updates to product expansions

  • Synchronize/coordinate your online store and business website updates and redesigns with new product introductions and "new season" product roll-outs. The more you integrate your online store updates with the expansion of your products and services, the more organic and memorable the update will seem to your online customers.

Promote the update

  • Expansions, redesigns and even minor updates of your online store should be mentioned in emails to customer mailing lists, web marketing materials, search engine submissions, online press releases etc.
  • Promote the update on your business website as well: just don't do it too early or leave the "coming soon" announcement up too long. The purpose of the online store update is to keep your business website fresh; be careful not to "date it" with announcements that have expired.

Add a news page or business blog

  • Make sure to add fresh business news and online store items to it at least twice a week.

Subscriptions are a prescription for profits

  • Give online shoppers and customers the chance to subscribe to email newsletters and other web marketing materials, and use those materials to promote each online store update and business web site redesign.

By keeping your business website fresh, your online store will attract repeat visitors and contribute to ongoing ecommerce success.