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Accept Credit Card Payments Online to Boost Sales

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As online stores look for ways to compete in an environment that is facing new challenges from an ever-growing crop of competitors and a struggling economy, online payment options should be regarded as a way to boost business. Currently, only 17% of businesses offer the ability for their customers to pay for products or services online, but that number is expected to double in upcoming years*.

Benefits of a Merchant Account

If your business does not allow customers to pay for your products or services online, you are needlessly turning away business. And when you consider that credit card payments are the method of choice in today’s online arena, it’s clear that you must take steps to enable credit card transactions on your website. With a merchant account, you can:

  • Offer customers convenience. Your customer’s don’t have time to waste with a lengthy check-out process. Credit card transactions offer them the speed and they desire when shopping online.

  • Enhance your brand image. When customers see that you went the extra mile to establish a merchant account to accept credit card payments, they are likely to view your business as stable and  legitimate.

  • Ease your own worries. Credit card transactions offer benefits for the business owner too. By using a merchant account for credit card processing, you’ll be able to verify account information and, in turn, receive prompt payment.

  • Boost sales. When credit card transactions are allowed, customers are more likely to complete purchases – and even purchase more – than they would if using other payment methods.

How to Begin Credit Card Processing

Once you set up a merchant account with a reliable provider, you will need to choose a payment gateway, which connects your merchant account to the transaction clearinghouse. Real-time gateways are best for large-volume inventory, but first you’ll need to make sure that it is compatible with your ecommerce shopping cart software. Network Solutions advanced shopping cart software works in harmony with the majority of gateways.

*The Small Business Success Index, an ongoing measurement of the overall health of U.S. small businesses, was comissioned by Network Solutions, LLC and the University of Maryland's Robert H. Smith School of Business. To take the survey yourself, click here.