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While website security has become a necessity for the majority of websites, not all sites require the same level of protection. And while SSL Certificates remain the smart choice for today's online business, now more options are available that can help you choose the SSL Certificate that best fits your needs and budget.

Having a visible sign of security on your website gives your visitors the confidence they need to complete the desired action on your website -whether it is making a purchase or submitting information in a form. Yet the problem that many small businesses face is that SSL Certificates can be costly, and the process of issuance simply too long.

A Domain Validated (DV) Certificate may be ideal for those who have concerns over money or time, yet aren't willing to sacrifice their website's security. When issuing a DV Certificate, the Certification Authority (CA) only verifies the ownership of the domain name and not your business credentials. The result is an SLL Certificate that is both inexpensive and fast, often complete in just minutes.
For the very budget-friendly price of $39.99/year (for a 4 year term), you can secure your website visitors' information, customers' information, and all Ecommerce transactions and be recognized as a trust-worthy and legitimate website that cares about its customers.

Network Solutions® recently introduced its Domain Validated (DV) certificate - nsProtectTM Secure Xpress Certificate. The nsProtectTM Secure Xpress Certificates provide 4 outstanding features:

1. Your domain name registration credentials will be validated and your certificate issued in just minutes.
2. Super high level of data encryption (up to 256-bits), which is the same level as other SSL Certificates.
3. A $10,000 relying party guarantee provides assurance to site visitors that their transactions are protected.

With a DV Certificate your customers will have 3 visible signs of your security: the https address bar, a pad lock displayed next to the address bar, and a clickable security seal issued by Network Solutions and the CA on your website.

Protect your customers and your business with nsProtectTM Secure Xpress. Get started today!