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Understanding SEO for Ecommerce

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Whether you're creating a new online store or simply want to boost traffic to an existing one, search engine optimization (SEO) is a necessity. SEO involves taking steps to make your website more appealing to major search engines like Google® and Bing®, which potential customers are using to find products they want to buy.

Ecommerce websites have unique SEO needs. Online stores have difficulty achieving high search ranking due to the inherent nature of their content. Search engines place high value on sites with rich, valuable content, something ecommerce websites tend to lack. Search engines also value websites with authority. Ecommerce websites very often feature little more than a listing of products for sale, which can be brief and fairly generic - hardly enough to establish authority. Lastly, since many ecommerce websites use manufacturers' descriptions, search engines may recognize them as having duplicate content, which can actually hurt their ranking.

A Tailored SEO Solution
Network Solutions® SEO for Ecommerce is tailored to help today's online stores achieve the search engine visibility that is necessary to succeed online. If you sell a variety of products and want to attract customers to many of them, SEO for Ecommerce makes it easy by requiring you to simply divide your offerings into product groups. When you choose the product groups on which you'd like to focus, our SEO experts will perform keyword analysis to find the ones that give your online store the best chance of being found in the search engines.

SEO for Ecommerce features:

  • One-on-one consultation: The process begins with a consultation between you and an SEO expert, during which product groups will be developed.
  • Keyword analysis: We will recommend keywords for the product group you select and make adjustments over time, based on effectiveness.
  • Flexibility: You can increase or decrease your budget and change the number of product groups as needed.
  • Reporting: 24/7 online reports in the Online Account Manager make it easy for you to see traffic changes and keyword ranking reports.

If you're ready to give your ecommerce website the search engine optimization strategy it needs to succeed, consider using SEO for Ecommerce to put your products in front of potential customers.