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What is Online Commerce?

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Online commerce involves multiple transactions or the transfer of payment information across a secure Internet connection in exchange for goods and services. Commercial ecommerce represents trade, commercialism, mercantilism and all other business transactions for business, personal or commercial activities that has the sole objective of supplying commodities via an online storefront.

Ecommerce is governed by the Department of Commerce, created in 1913, is the federal organization with the United States that promotes and administers domestic and foreign trade. The DOC monitors B2B and B2C ecommerce dealings both online and off-line. It covers a broad range of markets from consumer based retail sites, auctions and peer-to-peer sites, to business exchanges negotiating commodities between corporations. These organizations help to regulate ecommerce operations and corresponding business rules.

Ecommerce Explained
Online selling enables small business entrepreneurs to electronically commercialize products with no barriers of time or distance. ASP shopping cart web stores have expanded rapidly over the past five years and is predicted to accelerate. In the near future, ecommerce will mean that the boundaries between "conventional" and "ebusiness software" marketplaces will become increasingly blurred as more e-businesses transact portions of their industry operations and merchandise to web shops or online malls or marts.

B2B refers to ecommerce between businesses rather than between a business and a consumer. B2B businesses often deal with hundreds or even thousands of other businesses, either as customers or suppliers. Carrying out these transactions electronically provides vast competitive advantages over traditional methods. When implemented properly, Ecommerce is often faster, cheaper and more convenient than the traditional methods of bartering goods and services. Much research has gone into the creation of such a powerfully connected online sales environment.

Ecommerce has penetrated markets for quite some time in the form of E Data Interchange. EDI requires each supplier and customer to set up a dedicated data link, which provides a cost-effective method for companies to set up multiple, ad-hoc links. This development has lead to the emergence of marketplaces where suppliers and potential customers are brought together to conduct mutually beneficial trade.

How will you turn your email and webstore into a technology procurement center? Don't be fooled... conducting effective e-business is more than registering a domain name and secure ecommerce web hosting.

Network Solutions offers a free shopping cart demo to provide your enterprise a solid foundation and the building blocks for online success.

Shopping cart software is an operating system used to to post your sales outlet on the web, allowing your customers to browse your shop, stock your showcase with retail or wholesale stock, track customers, control inventory, and tie together all aspects of ecommerce into one cohesive whole.

While there are many types of software you can use, customizable, turnkey shopping basket solutions are proven to be a cost effective method to build, edit and maintain database driven online business.