Take your offline community online and create your own Facebook™ style social network.  People use SocialGO for everything from businesses to clubs and organizations, churches and schools, and political campaigns.


Build and launch your very own social network!

Can you imagine a world beyond email, beyond websites and beyond Facebook™?

At SocialGO we are taking people like you into that world.  Websites are becoming more social. Instead of your site’s visitors just looking and leaving, they want to stay and engage with you and other like-minded people.

This is your opportunity to race ahead of the pack and create your own social network. It’s like having your very own special Facebook™.

And on top of organizing and gathering your community online, you can make money by selling your goods in SocialGO, charging members for access to the network site (or even parts of it) and of course running GoogleAds or sponsorships. It’s all about bringing your offline community online, making more money and having more fun.

Creating a SocialGO social network requires no technical skills as the interface is just point and click. We also have no advertising on SocialGO in any form (although you are free to run advertising on your networks).

Member Profiles
Each member gets a profile page where they can create a custom design, and add personal details, photos, video, music, friends, groups and events

Groups & Event Pages
Network owners can create official and unofficial groups and events for members to join.

Blogs & Forums
Members can broadcast their views and join the conversation through blogs and forums.

Live Video Chat & Chat Rooms
Members can interact with each other live via video chat and chat rooms.

Member Billing & Ads
Network owners can monetize by charging members for subscriptions and by running ads.

Do-It-Yourself or Concierge
You can create your own social networking website in minutes by doing it yourself or you can get a helping hand from our Concierge service. If you can book an airline ticket or hotel room online, you’ll be able to launch your very own social network.

Pay As You Go
If you chose the Premium or Concierge package, you pay monthly and have no long-term contract, so you can stop anytime.

We’re always there to lend a helping hand with our help desk, video tutorial library, owners’ network (www.owners.socialgo.com) and professional services directory.

Highly Customizable
You can customize a little or a lot with our simple point-and-click Network Designer© and Layout Manager© all the way through to developer level API and CSS code access.

Data Ownership Guarantee
At SocialGO, we guarantee you own your data, your members and your content. You can export anytime and do what you want with it.  Privacy is assured – unlike Facebook™ SocialGO will NEVER disclose any details or share any data on you or your members.