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Power of Partnerships: Delivering World-Class Business Resources to Your Organization

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Business Partners

Key Takeaways:

  • In the coronavirus economy, businesses are looking to make the most of their budgets and resources.
  • The Network Solutions Innovations and Partnerships Program can give you access to world-class business resources for an affordable investment.
  • As this program continues to grow, you can leverage an even greater array of business tools all within the Network Solutions brand.


As an IT decision-maker, you work hard every day to ensure your organization stays well connected. From ensuring your business websites are running strong to creating a safe and secure environment for your networks and systems and providing reliable data access for your growing remote workforce, you make the most of your resources and budget. You have a lot to think about, especially during the coronavirus (COVID-19) economy.

At Network Solutions, we’re proud to serve professionals like you and we’re always to assist with everything your business needs to succeed online. Now we’re ready to do even more. Through our Innovations and Partnerships Program, we’re identifying valuable opportunities that will benefit your organizations and building relationships with best-in-class solutions providers in a wide range of industries to offer you exceptional products and services.

How the Innovations and Partnerships Program Benefits Business

The business and innovation experts at Network Solutions conduct extensive research on potential partnerships to ensure these innovative manufacturers and service providers are a good fit for the businesses we work with. Once we initiate a partnership, you will have access to impactful resources beyond our digital offerings with the convenience of easily sourcing all of these assets within the Network Solutions brand.

“The primary goal of the Innovations and Partnerships Program is to save businesses money, time and resources by working with the right partners to bring the right products to the right people,” says James Moore, Senior Vice President of International Partnerships at Network Solutions. “This allows businesses to gain access to resources beyond our industry-leading website and online resources and also have access to additional business resources such as shipping, telecommunications, video conferencing, accounting and financial services and more.”

Moore indicated that as the program continues to grow, there is a focus on teaming with proven companies in specific business segments that will offer businesses the greatest value. While the list of Network Solutions partners continues to grow, it’s a highly selective process and the focus is on quality over quantity. “Ideally, we look for partners who can work with us to take dynamic products and services to businesses around the globe,” he says. “It’s a great time to work with Network Solutions and grow your business through our partnership resources,” An Example of Partnership in Action

It began with a collaborative idea. When Network Solutions first connected with, this leading provider of complex and detailed telephone management solutions had focused on serving larger companies exclusively. Working together, Network Solutions helped this industry leader to bring the largest suite of telecommunications functionality to small and mid-sized organizations so they could enjoy the same benefits as their largest competitors.

Specifically designed with remote workforces in mind – an important consideration in the coronavirus economy – allows businesses to match their website domain name with their phone number, add a toll-free number or existing business number to their account, send and receive unlimited calls and texts and much more, all at a highly competitive rate. “It’s an excellent example of the type of timely resources we want to help provide to all small businesses,” says Moore.

In addition to 1-800 Accountant online financial expertise, additional partnerships include: Flock™ team chat software, Lendio small business loans, IncFile online order status tracking, LogoMix online logo creator, Easyship global shipping software of eCommerce and GetWebChat online chat software, with additional partnership pending.

Strategic Partners

Want to Become a Network Solutions Partner?

If you have a company focused on the needs of small businesses and would like to become a partner, we suggest you begin by applying for our Network Solutions affiliate marketing program. It’s a great way to start and build a relationship with us and allows us to get to know each other to maximize our resources and determine what working arrangement is the most mutually beneficial. Learn more about the Network Solutions affiliate program.

Put the Power of Partnerships to Work for Your Business

As an IT decision-maker, you have a lot to think about, especially lately. That’s why, through the Network Solutions Innovations and Partnerships Program, we’re dedicated to providing you with affordable access to business resources beyond the website and online resources we are widely recognized for. This will help you contribute toward taking your organization to new heights of productivity and profitability with a wide array of tools, all from one convenient source.

Be sure to watch for additional partnership updates and announcements coming soon so you can take advantage of everything we have to offer. In every situation, Network Solutions stands ready to bring you world-class solutions when you need them most – because our most important partner is you.