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Getting Started with Website Builder

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Why Use a Website Builder Tool

Most companies that offer hosting packages, also offer the use of a website editor or builder. These are programs that enable the average person to make a website without having HTML knowledge. In the computer world, these are known as WYSIWYG editors. WYSIWYG stands for "What You See Is, What You Get." Besides being fun to say, these handy website editors allow the layman to type in text and upload pictures to make a website without having to write any code (HTML). They also enable a person to choose their site design, usually by using a website template.

These are designs that professional Web designers have created and made available to the users of a website builder. Most programs have several for you to choose from. Also, the users generally can customize the website template further, by picking out their own color scheme, uploading and incorporating an image, and even changing the navigational features. Depending on the website builder that is being used, the options for customizing the site design can range from limiting to endless.

Another great feature of using WYSIWYG editors is that it is a lot easier to maintain your own site. If you want to upload a new page or text, it is simple and fast since there is no code to be written. You just enter the content into the area that is similar to any other text editor, like Word. You can also use the editor to change your colors or other overall design elements to give your site a makeover if you get tired of it. And, a good website WYSIWYG editor will allow you to revert back to the original design, if you just want to play around and see what you think.

Using website editors are a great choice for people that have little technical knowledge, but have some time that they would be willing to devote to developing their own site. It is also a great sense of accomplishment to create your own website without any extra professional help.