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Jerry Gonto
Martini Art, LLC
Web Site Transforms Business, Prompting Owners to Say "Cheers"!

In 1995, Jerry and his wife opened an upscale décor retail store in suburban Illinois. On a whim, he began selling framed photos of martini glasses. They were a hit. So they stocked up on other martini-related items, including glasses and barware. A year later, the couple decided they should launch a website to complement their retail store. According to Jerry, "being online has enabled us to offer some benefits and features to our customers that we just couldn't do in a traditional brick and mortar retail store." For the couple, has provided ample reason to raise a glass in celebration.


"We did it for no other reason than we thought we should have a website," laughed Jerry. As sales trickled in, then eventually poured in to, Jerry and his wife realized their site needed to be more sophisticated in terms of functionality.


In 2002, they turned to MonsterCommerce® (now known as Network Solutions®) to upgrade the site to include secure ordering, SSL certificates, and more. One example is the ability to sell around the globe. "In retail, you are so dependent on people walking by your store or driving by. With a storefront we would never be able to get customers from Japan or Australia," said Jerry.


"Our business has grown exponentially," explained Jerry. "Today, we no longer have the retail store. The website is our primary business vehicle. It not only transformed our business, it actually created the business. It allows us to do things well beyond what we could have done in the retail location."

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