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Matt Garrabrants
Kodiak Sports, Strokes Baseball, ProSports Floors

Major League Performance at a Minor League Price

In 2001, Matt launched a sporting goods website. While sports were his passion, he also had a strong technical background. Over time, he found it was increasingly cumbersome to manage his online business and turned to MonsterCommerce® (now known as Network Solutions®) for its products, platform, and expertise. With the experience and success of under his belt, Matt launched two additional Web-based businesses. For his most recent venture, he again turned to Network Solutions; this time for custom site design services. "I'm thrilled with the new site," Matt said. "The team took my ideas and translated them into the design of the site." He's now hoping will hit a home run with customers.


"I spent most of my time on technical issues or upgrades," said Matt. Any time he wanted to make a change, it had to be done page by page. And all of his orders had to be transcribed and tracked by hand. After a couple of aggravating years managing the website on his own, he decided to upgrade its capabilities (and rid himself of the management duties.)


With the switch to Network Solutions, Matt's enhanced website resided on a database-driven platform. "A shopping cart with a database is so much more robust because you can automate the ordering process, manage and track orders," explained Matt. "I could make global changes and edits to the site; easily update images and content; and automatically create thumbnails and apply them to multiple products and categories."


"Being scalable like that meant I was more willing to pick up new products, to sell new things," said Matt. Having been through the experience of site design and management, as well as the upgrade process, Matt understood how to better meet his customers' needs through product selection and site functionality. "A regular guy like me can have major league performance at a minor league price."

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