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Ann McLear and Michelle Holder
Seat Sack

Mom Crafts A+ Business

When her daughter's teacher was struggling to organize supplies, Ann volunteered to sew a pouch with pockets that could slip onto the back of each student's chair. It didn't take long for Ann to realize that perhaps there was a business woven into the lining of her idea and soon launched Seat Sack, Inc. Initially, she sold the product to local schools. Her business grew steadily so that she was able to hire staff and to develop additional designs. In 2007, Ann and her Marketing Director Michelle Holder chose Network Solutions® to help them establish a strong Web presence. "The benefit of going online is that now people can find our products," explained Michelle. "We've gotten a lot of compliments on the site."


Several times, Ann had considered developing a website in order to expand her business. In fact, she had even hired several service providers and Web designers to help her build a site. But in each instance, she was left unsatisfied with websites hindered by slow servers, poor design and limited capabilities.


Ann and Michelle chose Network Solutions®, in part, because it was a larger company than they had dealt with before; assurance that she could rely on a service provider that would remain operational over time and that the Web project would actually get done.


"The website design process went really well," Michelle explained. Initially, there was some give and take in working with the designer, as she tried to communicate her vision. "I sent him PDF files of things I had designed. When he saw those, he was able to develop what we needed." In less than 8 weeks, was launched.

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