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Safety on Call: Protect Your Business Online With Mobile Device Security

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Mobile Device Security

Key Takeaways:

  • With an ever-growing remote workforce, managing your team’s mobile device security can be challenging.
  • Your employee smartphone portfolio is especially vulnerable to cyberattacks and data breaches during the coronavirus economy.
  • Network Solutions offers a proven Cyber Security Solution to monitor for mobile threats and protect your business online.


The remote workforce that was growing before 2020 has greatly increased during the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis – and this trend will likely continue. Business experts are now projecting nearly one-third of all U.S. employees will permanently work from home post-coronavirus.

As an IT professional, it’s a lot to think about. Keeping these team members well connected to customers and each other is critical for your company’s success. Managing your enterprise smartphone portfolio can be full of logistical challenges and, especially lately, protecting your workforce and business from cyberattacks is a primary focus.

How can you supply your workforce with the mobile devices they need to succeed while ensuring you have security protocols in place to protect your company’s valuable data? Here are some things to consider.

Be Wary of Public WiFi

With a growing remote workforce that is highly dependent on mobile devices, care should be taken by your team when accessing internet connections outside of your network. For example, your remote workers are highly susceptible to unprotected or minimally secure WiFi networks in their homes and in public places.

Some hackers have even set up fake public networks that your team may unsuspectingly log onto with their mobile devices, which may give these hackers instant access to personal information and your company’s valuable data. Ideally, you need a system in place that will monitor for WiFi breaches and alert your team if the WiFi they are using has been compromised and is unsafe.

For added protection, have your team use personal hotspots as opposed to public networks. This feature, available within the settings of most smartphones, allows users to set up a personal WiFi network that only they can access and connect their laptops and tablets to the internet. By encouraging your workforce to take WiFi precautions and also providing WiFi monitoring, you can help to prevent online attacks and data breaches.

Have a Strong Password Policy

Over 80 percent of all smartphone data breaches are the result of weak passwords that are easy for hackers to infiltrate. To mitigate the risk, implement a two-factor authentication protocol for every mobile device in your network portfolio to help guard against cyberattacks and make sure every team member sets a home screen password to help prevent unauthorized user access and theft.

In addition, nearly half of all U.S. employees share their passwords with other co-workers. Strongly discourage this practice and educate your team on safe password practices. Share password blacklist policies with your employees to prevent them from selecting some of the most common – and easy to hack – passwords. Unique and effective passwords are an important first line of defense for your mobile devices.

Protect Against Potentially Dangerous Apps

Malicious apps are the fastest-growing threat to mobile devices. In fact, 700,000 malicious apps were recently removed from the Google Play store. Many of your employees will inadvertently download these apps – or access sites – that have not been approved by your IT department. While this may be an honest mistake on the part of your workforce, it can have detrimental and costly consequences for your organization.

Educate your team about the dangers of accessing apps outside of your organization and have strict policies in place. Help them to be consciously alert for potential threats and encourage them to only download apps that are approved by your company and necessary for them to conduct business. Look for malware detection software that will alert your team if they are at risk of downloading potentially malicious software.

Mobile Security

Prevent the Allure of Phishing Scams

Phishing, an online attack in which a hacker poses as a legitimate organization and sends out emails with malicious links, reels in employees who trustingly click on a link that opens the door to a phishing attack. Phishing scam emails related to coronavirus have been in the millions since the pandemic began, using subject lines creating fear or promising financial incentives in an attempt to prompt recipient responses.

Educate your team on the importance of never opening an email from a source they are unfamiliar with. Also, have employees avoid text messages, instant messages or any other communications that may be phishing attacks in disguise. For added protection, look for phishing security apps that can protect your network of enterprise smartphones from being infiltrated by phishing scams.

A Cyber Security Solution to Protect Your Business Online

With an outbreak in cyberattacks targeting a growing remote workforce, a smart investment in cyber security is important for protecting your company’s bottom line. Network Solutions’ Cyber Security Solution offers your enterprise mobile network a comprehensive array of security features, including:

  • Risk mitigation – Stops breaches before they happen.
  • Identity protection – Real-time alerts for identity threats.
  • Theft protection – Wipes data remotely if mobile devices are stolen.
  • Safe browsing – Built-in VPN secures your network and avoids public WiFi dangers.
  • Device monitoring – Alerts users to potential malware and other threats.


For added security and peace of mind, Cyber Security Solution includes access to a Network Solutions security team that is available 24/7 to help you with your security needs. This trusted and proven team of experts will make your job easier and more efficient. Depend on Cyber Security Solution to affordably and effectively protect your business online by guarding your smartphone portfolio.


For a great mobile option for your team, check out, a valued Network Solutions partner. 


Make the Right Call for Mobile Device Security

Protecting your portfolio of enterprise smartphones could be a full-time job but thankfully, it doesn’t have to be. Depend on Network Solutions for proven answers like Cyber Security Solution to safeguard the data and best interests of your employees and company.


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