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Domain Sales Process

If you signed up for the Afternic® Premium Promotion, your domain name will be listed for sale at Afternic,, Network Solutions®, and other partner sites. The complete list of partners is available at the link below. An interested buyer can purchase your domain name from any of these sites.

Selling Your Domain Name

Afternic operates an automated bid-and-offer system. When your domain is listed for sale at Afternic interested buyers have the option to bid for your domain name. Afternic will notify you of all offers immediately by email. You will be able to accept offers, make counteroffers or adjust offers from your listing page by setting or changing your prices. 

BuyDomains, Network Solutions, and the other Premium Promotion partners do not operate a bid-and-offer system. Your domain will be listed for sale at these sites at the “Buy Now” price that you set when you initially listed your domain for sale at Afternic.

Your domain name will be listed for sale at Afternic and Afternic’s partner sites until you change the listing status for your domain at Afternic to “Not for Sale,” you delete your domain listing at Afternic, or until you opt-out your domain from the Premium Promotion. 

Please note: you must maintain an active Afternic DLS membership. If you let your membership lapse your domains will no longer be listed for sale at Afternic and Afternic’s partner sites. Afternic will offer you the opportunity to renew your DLS membership prior to it lapsing.

Your domain name must also remain registered and active at one of the participating registrars. Once your domain name expires or you transfer your domain name to another registrar, your domain name will no longer be listed for sale via the Premium Promotion.

Domains Sold at Afternic, BuyDomains, or other partner sites (excluding NetworkSolutions)


If your domain is sold at Afternic, BuyDomains or any of the other partner sites, the following sales process is followed:


The first step is for the buyer to send payment for the domain to Afternic’s escrow account. The second step is to securely transfer the domain name to the buyer. The third step is for Afternic to disburse payment to the seller. An Afternic® consultant will be helping both the buyer and the seller to complete each of these steps.


Here’s how funds are exchanged:

First, the buyer sends the amount of the sale to Afternic’s secure escrow service. The buyer's funds are held in Afternic’s escrow account until the domain is successfully transferred to the buyer.


Here’s how names are transferred:

Once funds have cleared, the seller transfers the domain name registration to the buyer. There are two ways this can be accomplished.

Option 1: If the buyer and seller have the same registrar

First, the buyer sets up an account at the registrar if they do not already have one. Then the buyer initiates a registrant name change to transfer the domain to their account. The seller approves the registrant name change and the registrar transfers the domain to the buyer’s account.


Option 2: If the buyer and seller have different registrars

If the domain is locked, the seller “unlocks” the domain at their current registrar so that the domain can be transferred to the buyer. The buyer then initiates a transfer at their registrar of choice. To complete the transfer, the buyer must obtain the authorization code for the domain name from the seller. The Afternic consultant will facilitate getting the authorization code from the seller to the buyer. The seller will be asked by their registrar to approve the transfer request. Once the seller approves the transfer request, the domain will be transferred to the buyer’s account at their current registrar.


Here’s how the seller gets paid

Next Afternic disburses payment for the sale amount minus a sale fee, as well as any optional fees, such as a wire transfer fee to the seller.


Please Note: If for some reason the seller fails to authorize the domain transfer, Afternic returns all funds except any optional transaction fees such as a wire transfer fee.


Domains Sold at Network Solutions


Domains participating in the Afternic Premium Promotion will be listed for sale in the Network Solutions search results when they match one of the domain name search terms entered by a potential buyer. The buyer will be prompted through the steps to purchase the domain. Once the purchase is complete the domain is automatically transferred from the seller’s account at their current registrar to the buyer’s account at Network Solutions®. Afternic notifies the seller that the domain has sold and mails payment to the seller for the sale amount minus a sale fee, as well as any optional fees, such as a wire transfer fee.