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Holiday Preparation: Is Your Mobile Website Protected?

account_circle Network Solutions Team

Key Takeaways

  • This holiday season, your mobile website could be a target for hackers.
  • Finding a good web host, protecting customer data with SSL certificates and providing a secure working environment for your remote team can help safeguard your online presence.
  • With reliable website hosting and security features, Network Solutions is your go-to choice for a secure online experience during the holidays and beyond.  


Believe it or not, the holiday season is right around the corner. This year may be a bit different when it comes to Black Friday and holiday shopping; many more people will make online purchases due to coronavirus (COVID-19) concerns. This means maintaining and protecting your website for mobile and desktop applications takes on added importance for the ongoing success of your organization. 

Unfortunately, there are a few Grinches out there who don’t want you to feel festive. With your remote workers accessing your website on mobile devices and many people shopping online doing the same, safeguarding your website from hackers is critical to finishing the year off right. With everything else you have had to deal with in 2020, a security breach is the last thing you need.

Here are some tips to help secure your mobile website for your company and customers to ensure that the holidays are productive, merry and bright. 

Find a Secure Web Host

One of the best ways to protect your website is to give it a secure home. A good web host will offer you package plans that allow you to customize disk space and email and security options for your specific needs. Look for a host that offers a cloud-based redundant server structure so that if one server ever fails another one will keep your site up and running. You’ll also want a host that scans for and removes malware, protecting you and your customers from cyberattacks.

Use SSL Certificates

To guard your customer purchase transactions, make sure your site has a secure sockets layer (SSL) certificate. These certificates use data encryption to secure credit card transactions, data transfers and logins on websites and social media sites. SSL certificates, which feature a highly recognizable padlock logo for your web pages and menu bars, will give your customers confidence in knowing that their transactions are safe and secure. A great investment in your website, SSL certificates are one of the most important features you can add for data protection and cybersecurity. 

Encourage Strong Passwords

Your team accesses your website frequently and weak passwords can drastically reduce site security. Encourage strong passwords and implement multi-factor authentication protocols to protect your website data. For guidance, look for password managers that can help you and your team select the best passwords. Enhancing the strength of your passwords now means you will have one less thing to worry about during the busy holiday season.

Implement VPN Employee Access

More than ever, employees are working from home. That’s why it’s important that your remote team can access the internet and your company website through secure WiFi networks. Establishing a virtual private network (VPN) will set up a firewall and protect your website data from hackers, who are predicted to be highly active this holiday season. A VPN allows your employee team to bypass personal and public WiFi (which are big targets for hackers) and work within a safer online environment that you can control. With many of your employees frequently accessing the internet on smartphones and tablets, look for security options that can protect this mobile space.

We’ll Help Keep Your Mobile Website Secure

With reliable website hosting and security features, Network Solutions has you covered when it comes to staying secure online. Our cloud-based website hosting options provide your website with a safe home with built-in security features that protect employee and customer online experiences. We offer SiteLock® security options that scan and remove malware to stop cyberattacks before they happen. To help protect your team’s mobile devices, we offer Cyber Security Solutions, and we also provide trusted SSL certificates to safeguard your data.

Our proven team of experts will help you build a security plan for the holidays to give you and your company complete peace of mind.

Keep Your Online Presence Merry and Bright

You deserve to enjoy a happy and healthy holiday season, without worrying about cyberattacks. Make plans now to secure your website and online resources to keep things running safely and smoothly for you and your customers. It’s a great way to make your business outlook a little merrier this year and next.


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