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Looking for your business to take root in Japan, Singapore, Netherlands, or other countries?
Secure one of these newly launched country domain names to gain credibility and respect globally.

Network Solutions currently offers over 75 country specific domain extensions and a robust suite of products and services to help customers find the domain name that they want to expand their businesses globally. Country-specific domain names are a great way to create a global Web presence with a local focus. To find the country domain you want, click here.

.AC Ascension Island
.AG Antigua & Barbuda
.ASIA Asia
.HN Honduras
.IO The British Indian Ocean Territory
.JP Japan
.LC St. Lucia
.MN Mongolia
.NL Netherlands
.NU Niue
.SC Seychelles
.SG Singapore
.SH Saint Helena
.TK Tokelau
.VC St. Vincent & Grenadines