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What does your domain name tell people about your online business? When you register the new .TEL top level domain name extension, it includes a business card Web site that makes telling people where and how they can reach you as simple as a single click.

.TEL domains allow you to publish, update and manage your integrated contact information in a single location online. Think of a. TEL domain name as an online business card that can connect you with customers, colleagues and even friends like never before. It can also help you:


  • Control your information. Every .TEL domain name registered includes a hosted Web page which houses all of the contact information you wish to make available. The page has a simple, user-friendly template design that gives you control over how the information is presented – and who can see that information. .TEL domains are stored in the DNS (not a server), so any changes you make will take effect immediately.


  • Make access universal. Your contact page will be accessible via any device connected to the Internet. This includes mobile devices, which will display a clear, complete version of your contact page.


  • Support your current Web endeavors. Include a link to your current website, blog or social networking profile and gain search engine optimization value as well as quality traffic.


  • Increase search engine visibility.  When you post several descriptive keywords relevant to your business, you increase your chances of showing up in major search engines like Google® and Yahoo®.