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Registering Domain Names

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New Top Level Domains

For years, companies have been restricted to existing generic Top Level Domains (gTLDs) like .com, .net or .org to build their brands online. Now, companies can truly control their brand by creating their own ending; one where you direct what appears both before and after the dot.  INstead of, companies can create yourproduct.yourbrand.

This next generation of the Internet can introduce innovative services with new domain extensions. Central Registry Solutions™ (CRS) was formed to help customers navigate the ICANN application process and provide advice about how to set up and maintain registry services for new Top Level Domains (TLDs). In addition, the company will offer registry services and provide distribution and value-added services.

Central Registry Solutions brings together two Internet leaders, CentralNic who has provided flexible and stable registry services since 1994 and Network Solutions, who brings experience and extensive market reach as the original registrar since its founding in 1979.

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Common Usage

Generic Top Level Domains

.biz - Business websites

.com - Commercial websites

.info - Information websites

.mobi - Mobile websites

.name - Personal websites

.net -Websites for businesses involved with the infrastructure of the internet

.org -Organization websites

.pro - Professional websites

.tel - Telecommunication websites

.tv - Rich media websites

Country Specific Domains

.am - Armenia, but also used for AM radio - Argentina, but also used for Arkansas

.at - Austria

.be - Belgium - Brazil

.bz - Belize

.ca - Canada

.cc - Cocos

.ch - Switzerland

.cn - China, renewals only - China - China, renewals only - China, renewals only - China, renewals only

.co - Colombia, but also used for company and/or other commercial endeavors - Colombia - Colombia - Colombia

.cx - Christmas Island

.cz - Czech Republic

.de - Germany - Germany

.es - Spain - Spain - Spain - Spain

.eu - European Union - European Union

.fm - Federated States of Micronesia, but also used for FM radio - United Kingdom - United Kingdom

.gd - Grenada

.gs - South Georgia & Sandwich Islands - Hungary

.im - Isle of Man

.in - India - India - India - India - India - India - India - Japan - Republic of Korea

.la - Laos, but also used for Los Angeles or Louisiana

.li - Liechtenstein, but also used for Long Island

.me - Montenegro

.ms - Montserrat

.mx - Mexico - Mexico - Norway - New Zealand - New Zealand - New Zealand

.pl - Poland - Quebec

.ru - Russian Federation, renewals only - Russian Federation - Saudi Arabia - Sweden - Sweden

.tc - Turks & Caicos Islands

.tw - Taiwan - Taiwan - United Kingdom - United Kingdom - United Kingdom - United Kingdom - United Kingdom

.us - United States - United States - Uruguay

.vg - British Virgin Islands

.ws - Western Samoa, but also used for website - South Africa