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Simple Website Design Tips to Increase User Engagement

account_circle Network Solutions Team
Simple Website Design

Key Takeaways:

  • Your company's website is a direct link to customers and helps generate revenue online.
  • Improving your site's functionality can increase brand engagement and improve your user experience.
  • Our easy website design tips will help you get started.

As an IT professional, you are always looking to make the most of your company’s resources. With the renewed focus on eCommerce due to the pandemic, ensuring a smooth online experience is more important than ever,

Before website visitors become customers, they have to see your business’s products or services as a solution to their challenges. This process is put in motion with a website that speaks to people who are interested in your business and gives them the information they need to feel confident in their purchasing decision.

What can you do to enhance your website and increase user engagement? Here are four straightforward steps you can follow.


1. Reduce Page Load Times

Website visitors are impatient and expect things to move quickly online. It’s no surprise that nearly 60 percent of people will leave a site if a page takes more than three seconds to load.  Users who don’t stay connected to your website obviously will not make an online purchase – and that means time really is money in this context. What can you do to make sure your page speed is up to par?

Start by running an Internet speed test. Free sites like and CenturyLink® make the process fast and easy. If there’s room for improvement, take action. Optimize high-memory images by downloading plugins that will ensure these images only load when readers are in a specific area of a webpage. Also, unless they are absolutely necessary, consider eliminating other high-memory elements that can slow page load times – and your website’s ability to keep potential customers engaged. 


2. Improve Your Internal Linking Structure

An effective content linking structure will help to improve your search engine optimization (SEO) ranking so more people will find your company website in online searches – but that’s just the beginning. Good internal linking will also result in more clicks by web visitors, meaning that you’ll generate more page views and reduce bounce rate, which are both important elements in improving online user engagement. 

What makes for a good link? It should have descriptive anchor text that entices people to take the next step and click. It should also be relevant and of interest to your specific audience. Finally, it should take the reader to a page that is not easily found in the navigation bar – somewhere new to explore. A good linking structure throughout your website will help build readership, increase time on page and lead to greater revenue generation.


3. Simplify Your Menu Bar

One of the biggest reasons people leave your company’s website is they simply can’t find what they’re looking for. While your business may have a lot of exciting products or services, you don't want to fall into the trap of having an over-cluttered menu bar. Take a fresh look at the way your site is organized and simplify the navigation structure throughout. Make it fast and easy for website visitors to find what they need.

Make your menu bar simple and effective by putting the most relevant and important information at the top. This will help website visitors quickly access the things they are most interested in and save them time and frustration when navigating your site. You can determine what items are a priority by talking with your customers and your sales and support teams. Also, keep menu bar items to a bare minimum to avoid confusion and clutter.


4. Include a Search Bar

Rather than scrolling through a menu bar, many users prefer to quickly look for things themselves. A search bar gives them the opportunity to type in and locate a specific topic. Search bars help to decrease the number of questions potential customers have and increase engagement by keeping website visitors searching and scrolling through your pages to learn more about your brand.

Be sure to make your search bar prominent. Most people look for search bars at the top of the page so this is a good place for it. Also, consider adding a search bar that features a drop-down menu or an auto-suggest feature that intuitively prompts people when they type in a few letters of the topic they are searching for.

User Engagement

Start Implementing Our Website Design Tips Today

The tips outlined above are a great start when it comes to improving your web presence. For further assistance, turn to the experts. From registering a domain name for your company to building an all-new website, Network Solutions provides the resources you need to thrive online. Our helpful team has the knowledge and expertise to make your job easier every day. Just let us know how we can assist you.


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